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    My sis and I used this recipe (roughly) which came out of one of her cookbooks:

    1 lb dark chocolate (Callebaut bittersweet, probably 60 or 62%)
    1/2 c heavy whipping cream
    1/2 c bourbon
    pinch of salt

    Melt chocolate in double boiler
    boil whipping cream, cool slightly
    stir cream into chocolate until fully mixed
    stir in bourbon until fully incorporated
    add pinch of salt

    Let sit for 3-4 hours at room temperature or 1-2 hours in frig

    The recipe then wanted us to roll in pecans or walnuts, but we already had a pot with dipping chocolate in it, so we formed into balls. Then dip in the chocolate. Cool at room temperature on sheets lined with brown parchment.

    Cate, I don’t go to Costco often. Probably will go in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t got the lemons by then, I’m happy to pick some up for you.



    Always wondered why their store brand is called “Kirkland”…hey, do you suppose they make all that shit… over there? You know, across the lake just south of Bothell…
    Chilling thought.



    Shelley – Sounds yummy – thank you for the recipe (bet it would be a great cake filling too). I meant to address my question about picking up lemons at Costco to Calliope who mentioned going but it sounds like SA can help me out. Thank you for the offer.



    i’m going back to get some lemons- probably tomorrow. i saw them at the shoreline store, and it didn’t look like there were a lot left. anybody interested? i can’t remember how much they were.



    Yes!!! You can reach me at catiedb at the gee male site.



    Cate, I just emailed you. note to anyone interested, the meyer lemons at costco are NOT organic, it’s the regular sunkist 5.5lb bag for $7.50 labeled organic. sorry for the misinformation.


    great idea

    well that is interesting calliope.
    I was a Costco member for a year or so, a long time ago, and never renewed my membership (despite a growing family who is eating me out of house and home).

    anyway, I don’t remember much organic produce when I went there.
    is there much now?

    how did you figure out it was not organic when labeled as such?



    calliope – Just sent you an e-mail. And thank you for checking that out.



    costco actually does have quite a bit of organic produce (large containers of mixed greens, broccolini, spinach, carrots, kale mix) some fruit, not terribly expensive for the quantity, certainly cheaper than the ballard market. i don’t understand why their tomatoes aren’t labeled organic, i think they’re grown hydroponically…seems like that should be an easy method to make organic. it’s weird- on sunday all the organic produce signage/price labels were in green plastic sleeves instead of the usual clear sleeves…it was so helpful. but when i went today- the organic produce was priced/labeled just like the non-organic in the clear sleeves.

    they also have and increasing selection of organic beef and chicken, and other organic grocery items, oils, cereal, canned got goods, frozen fruit/veggies, pasta…and gluten free items too.

    to clear up the lemon confusion– the bags of organic sunkist lemons were labeled organic but they were right next to the non-organic meyer lemons and i mixed them up when i glanced at them on sunday. in the past, the bagged lemons were not organic, so i hope this is a permanent thing. i ended up buying the regular-organic lemons.

    and EDOG- if you’re still reading- the 1.75L kirkland vodka, which is really grey goose from france, is $30.11 with tax…the grey goose 1.75L is listed at for $44.99 +tax…fwiw, i’m fairly sure neither are organic ;)



    Kirkland beer is made by Gordon Biersch. It is very reasonably priced, and pretty dang good.



    Or is it the same as Grey Goose?

    “The most likely theory the Bartender found was that KS had bought an old Grey Goose distillery and was using water from the same river in France to produce it, but again, it was presented without any evidence…

    So, are they the same thing? Drumroll, please…

    No. No, they are not. And in the Bartender’s opinion, the Kirkland Signature is superior.”

    Hmmmm, think I may try some Kirkland vodka…

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