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    Going down Seaview Place NW. As turned corner saw animal in road. Got closer and was very healthy looking coyote taking a dump right on the road. This was right next to the dog park at three in afternoon. Coyote jumped over railing on dog park side.
    something I never expected to see as headed for beach in the afternoon!



    gracie – thanks for posting this. I love it! When I had a dog I used to walk down along the railroad tracks often and I frequently saw coyote scat down there, so I know they are around in the neighborhood. I love the fact that these wonderful canine friends rare able to live and grow in our human created urban environments. More power to them.


    Life is amazing

    Vegan +1!


    Life is amazing

    Now that I think about it. Was his action at the time of Shelley’s sighting a comment on our “human created urban environment”? ;)



    My co-worker sees coyote scat regularly at her house north of 85th. She said that it’s typical behavior for them to take a dump in the middle of trails, roads, etc. as a means of marking their territory. Theoretically at least, the coyote doesn’t care if it’s a roadway or a deer trail.


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    no different than any male



    Yeah that’s right…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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