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    Mynah and I were out for our morning walk a few minutes before 6 this morning. We were walking south on 14th between 105th and 103rd. Mynah suddenly dropped into what I call her stalk. Then I saw it about 100 ft south of us, tall ears fully up, lanky legs ready to flee, completely aware of us. Then it scampered very quickly into a yard.

    Coyote picture from Wikipedia

    Canis latrans, how I knew ye in an earlier life, killing sheep and chickens on the farm in northern North Dakota. You were my bane, seemingly making our hardscrabble life even harder. We hunted and killed you in kind of a cathartic rage at your destruction, knowing full well we had no hope of reducing your numbers or the devastation wrought on our livestock. Yet now I stand in awe and wonder, seeing that little bit of wildness in our urban society where every thing is in its place or it’s pointed out with indignation.

    Watch your pets like small dogs and cats, and your urban livestock like chickens and ducks. There is a skilled hunter in our midst.

    Tips for living with coyotes:



    They are actually pretty common – they hang out in the many ravines and then hunt at night and early morning. They rarely howl in the city, but I have sometimes heard them do it in the ravine we live on.

    And yes – just another reason to make sure your small pets stay inside, esp. at night. We have found some pretty gristly scenes in our ravine.



    It probably came up through the secret Carkeek Park entrance. It isn’t far from where you were walking.



    Think you’re right Pennygirl.

    According to another neighbor, there’s a different coyote (or maybe plural) been spotted at night near 8th between 97th and 100th. Think that’s Piper’s Creek in the ditch there.



    There’s another entrance up on Mary. I think that might be where it’s coming from.



    I see one spotted Friday at 68 and 34. That is block away where I came upon one in July.
    Other night trying to get cat in for night. She plays cat and mouse with me and won’t go in. I was about to go in for about half hour and leave her. When I do that she is sitting on porch and goes straight in. BRAT. I was about to do that when I found her out front staring down what I thought was gray cat. It was a huge opossum. Yuk. I yelled at it & it went very slowly into some bushes. I got Pickles cornered, I thought. She ran past me and into the house. She must be part Norwegian..she is so stubborn yet a love bug. I love that little 5.5#furball.



    i’ve seen one there too Gracie. I think it comes up the hill at 70th. It’s possible to thrash your way up the hill there.



    Its been years since I’ve been there, but there were Coyotes who used to call Jackson Park Golf Course home. I’ve only ever seen two but have heard several pups howl. I don’t know how the city manages/ed them, but if they were not dealt with, I could easily see them spreading out in the search of habitat. I mean, 5 years ago I saw a pair, a few years later I hear a litter of pups, and a few years after that, we see coyotes in other neighborhoods. Or maybe they came from some other greenbelt?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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