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    To the lady whose growling dog that she was walking was preventing me from walking home last night:

    I don’t care that “he’s wagging his tail”.
    I dont care that you “live across the street”.
    I don’t care that you “forgot the leash”

    I only care that every time I tried to take step on my own d*mn block your dog would run up to me and growl.

    People, please! There’s a leash law for reason (hint: and it’s not just to inconvenience you)




    GAM- Grrrrr I totally agree – Leash your DOGS!

    Maybe it is time for a big stick.. :)



    “Forgot the leash” is about as an effective defense as “oh, I didn’t notice I was speeding.” Both are illegal. Heck, even if the dog IS on a leash, but it is still out of control, that still counts as “unleashed” legally.

    In the mind of the owner, a dog is never a biter until they have actually bitten someone (and sometimes not even then!). The owner can be reported for refusing to leash her dog.

    You might point out next time that although her dog of course couldn’t possibly be a biter, you never know about people and if her dog did bite someone for any reason, she would be held financially liable for expenses and consequences could be as severe as death for her dog. It may not make any difference because some dog owners just don’t care, but at least you tried to warn her before potentially reporting her for refusing to keep her dog under control.



    I had 2 dogs growing up and never ever let them off their leashes when we were going for walks unless it was in my parents’ backyard after I closed the gate.

    You don’t forget the leash ever!! you put it on before you a) leave the house or b) if you have a fenced in yard then before you leave the yard!

    all dogs will be biters if for any reason they think you are a threat in some way to them or their owner



    Phoo, this was well after dark and this dog owner obviously didn’t “get it”, so I kept my conversation to a calm “would you please restrain your dog”.

    I didn’t want her to get worked up and set the dog off more. There wasn’t really the time for an instructive session on the various meanings of tail wagging and it would have been breath wasted. Being right does me no good if I still end up getting bit.

    SunsetHillGuy hit the nail on the head.

    I should say, there are Dodies and Pitties that live near me, and they come running up to me while being very vocal (at which point much petting and scritching commences). I know when a dog is rambunctious and went it means trouble. Too bad this lady didn’t.


    Nora Bell

    Ugh!! One of my pet peeves too. For the safety of your dog, and every other person and dog around them, leash you dog!!! There is no excuse. It is illegal. It is illegal for a very good reason.


    Salmon Bay

    I always tell the owner of an unleashed dog “If you loved your dog, you would leash it.” Makes them think. I usually have a small canister of pepper spray on me when biking. I’ve never had to use it, but it might come in handy for an aggressive off leash dog.


    great idea

    although there may be a stereotype of entitled owners who feel they can allow their dog to run about, most are rather sheepish and will quickly leash their dog or walk away briskly if you call them on it.

    there was some dude at the Ballard Community Center that I encountered running my dog one evening about a week ago.

    he had a young dog that he was fetching to, not only without a leash, but without a collar as well. this may be fine in some extreme circumstances, but he clearly had no voice control over his dog.

    the puppy kept coming after my dog (friendly albeit), but I was just running through the area between the school and playfield and really needed to get home for a few reasons.

    I told him as much, “I don’t have time for this– leash your dog or at least put a collar on him” (without a collar he couldn’t even catch his own dog).

    he kind of got the hint, but who knows…



    People get jest a wee bit touchy ’bout their dogs and other people’s dogs. My dog is a fairly big girl, about 70 or 75 lbs of Shepherd and Black Lab and maybe something or other else in there. We walk to Green Lake and around it once a week or so. I occasionally get lectured there by folk telling me I have to keep the leash without any slack. Sort of humorous. Mynah is in a perfect “heel” on my left, head just about 10 inches from my thigh, nose never in front of my leg, and about a foot of slack in the leash.



    Even a friendly dog off the leash is curious enough to want to investigate a passing dog on a leash. This totally makes my leashed dog nervous as the off leash dog has free reign to approach from any angle (and don’t you dare come up from behind).
    Sure it might be a friendly off leash aloof dog but since it has an advantage in this chance meeting to out maneuver my dog it just might get a reactive/protective response.
    Sorry, I can’t control my dog when your dog is invading my dogs personal space.



    So what I have started doing is carrying pepper spray. If a dog runs up to me (or starts to), I tell the owner to control their dog. I then hold the spray in plain view. Since I’ve started this, the excuses stop and the dog is immediately controlled. I’ve never had to spray and a bonus to all of this is when the offenders see me coming now (and others, maybe word is out) dogs get put on a leash before I am even close.

    It’s very calming to not discuss, not rationalize with them, not inform them of the law, nothing. I put it on them – they either get their dog away from me or the dog gets sprayed. I’d hate to have to spray a dog but I feel a lot less stress now.



    So is your plan to spray the dog or the human?



    I hope you don’t actually spray a dog, Teigyr. It’s unfair to penalize dogs for the irresponsible actions of their owners, unless you’re physically threatened.



    It sounds to me like Teigyr has found a great solution. I agree with CR: it’s not the dog’s fault. But once it starts to attack me, that quickly matters very little.

    And, yes, ideally we would be spraying the owners. That should clear everything up!



    This thread has potential for some old school forum snark … fwiw


    great idea

    I agree the dog should not be punished for the bad owner.

    however, if it was attacking me, that could be a different story.

    this can be vague though; did the dog actually attack or did it just jump up on you in a friendly manner?

    was it charging at you or facing the other way with it’s paws in the air?

    I think if you’re prepared to do this teigyr, you should also wear a camera on your lapel.



    Teigyr, didn’t you get bitten by a dog when you were out on a run a couple of years ago? Something happened and I am remembering dog. I think she is completely justified in carrying pepper spray and being ready to use it if the dog approaches with intent to bit.



    Yes I got bitten. I would FAR rather spray the owner and would actually hate to spray a dog. I realize the dog won’t think “oh look, she has pepper spray” but I am obvious enough so hopefully the owner will act accordingly. I will spray a dog if I need to, not as punishment but if the dog acts aggressively (ie growling, circling me) or is clearly out of control, I will. That is to protect myself. Again though I hope the owners care enough to realize that it’d be their dog being hurt.

    So it’s not like I hide it and want to hurt an animal. I don’t. I have tried with the owners, I really have but it wasn’t worth either being too scared to run on certain routes or when I’d panic and have an asthma attack or when I’d come home in tears because the owners would basically say “f you”. Unfortunately, they don’t care unless they are forced to care. I don’t get it but I am tired of being angry and frustrated and all of that. As I’ve said, I have had the perfect result so far. The owners see it, they leash their dogs or put their hand on their collar as I go by, and that’s all I can really ask for.



    Teigyr, you don’t seem like the type who would spray a dog except for a last resort. I haven’t had any bad experiences with dogs. It’s unfortunate that you have.



    CR, I wouldn’t. I never would have thought to carry pepper spray, actually. I’ve always had dogs, I do animal rescue, and I was never scared of them. I was running and there were people with a loose large black dog. The dog chased me and bit me as I was running, the dog came from the back not the front. It’s utterly stupid but the sound of dog tags make me go into a panic type feeling now. So now I am acutely aware of dogs coming toward me, especially if they are running toward me. The one that bit me I never saw coming, I mean I saw the dog as I ran by but I don’t know what triggered it.

    So now I prefer them not to run uncontrolled toward me, especially if I only see it last minute. The whole “but my dog is friendly” thing is a crock, that is what the people said about their dog AND they contested that the dog bit me despite the puncture marks.

    I like dogs. Am not so fond of people for the most part, especially those who think their convenience is more important than leash laws or the feelings of other people. I had tried to ask people to keep their dogs under control and not throw balls with those throwing things on the trail, or at least wait until I am gone. I had nothing but resistance and even had people pointedly throw the ball toward me.

    No bad dogs but there are bad owners. Unfortunately though, I have no control over what the owners do. I’ll even settle for off-leash as long as the dogs stay near the owner. Unfortunately though, people don’t seem to think that is required either.



    No wonder you’re cautious now, Teigyr. That sounds like a frightening experience.

    Irresponsible, selfish pet owners suck. I feel bad for their pets, since they’re likely to get the brunt of their owners’ stupidity.



    Back to the original post on this though, I felt great relief when I started carrying the spray. I had heard all the excuses and had the owners react like that or even get angry that I would dare to ask them to control their dog. With this, the dogs are controlled with little discussion and whether or not the owners agree with me, they leash the dog instead of giving me stories as to why their dog is different.



    I’ve had exactly the same reactions from dog owners that teigyr has had. I am a runner and a biker and after several bites and many more evaded attacks, I do not run around loose dogs any more – it is just not worth it. Talking to loose dog owners is less than worthless – as Teigyr has said, it goes nowhere and I end up feeling angry at the whole human race for having such selfish and dangerous people in it. Not good.

    All I want when I’m on a trail or in a park is to run and not have to mentally calculate “Ok, is *that* dog going to ran at me? Oh great, *this* dog doesn’t have a leash, how far do I have to go out of my way to be safe? Ok, I have to run on this trail but there is a loose dog up ahead – is there a tree I can climb up if it runs at me?

    I have pepper spray from hiking, I like Teigyr’s experience of just getting it out – problem solved without all the self-serving excuses: “yes, sir, as a matter of fact I have been bitten by the “my dog doesn’t bite” dog, you are why I have this spray if your dog runs at me.”



    Oh I know that angry feeling!!! Was making me not even wanting to go run. The spray I got has a hand strap. I don’t have it out all the time because my water bottle is also handheld. What I do is if I’m near home, I just carry the spray because I don’t need water. If I’m out for distance, I’ll get through the typical places where people have off-leash dogs then will put the spray in my side pocket. If I need it, I can easily access it. When it’s in my hand, it’s pretty obvious I think because even owners who I’ve never spoken to will call to their dogs.

    I don’t get the owner entitlement. You would think they would be apologetic especially due to the fact they are breaking the law. They are really defensive and really, who the heck thinks it’s a good idea to use those ball flinging things on a paved trail where there are pedestrians, runners, and cyclists.

    Anyway, yes. Problem solved! I used to be scared I’d actually have to use it and am finding it’s just more reassurance than anything. Plus if the owners don’t respect me enough to keep their dogs with them, they respect the spray. Skewed priorities but as long as it works, I’m good.



    Where do these dog owners get off?!? It’s astonishing how inconsiderate people can be.

    On a related note, this made me laugh:

    “To the people who cheerfully declare that they have an “outdoor cat”: I’d like to cheerfully declare that I’m an “outdoor neighbor” and park a giant turd on your doorstep.”


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