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    Little Lou Lou: I’m having trouble parsing your post: “Land on Two Feet, the root of hate is fear, and it angers me that so many dog owners do not understand dog body language, so they make all these fear-based assumptions that border on irrational hysteria. They actually display odd or aggressive body language but blame the dog.”

    I don’t believe you mean “dog owners” in that sentence, but I am wrong in so many things, that this might be one of them. I’m taking a leap and guess that you mean runners and/or pedestrians or even non-dog-owners. In that case you might bolster your case by analogy to rape victims deserving it by how they dress etc.



    Personally I like Midwest’s comment, and the Zardoz Sean Connery…good movie, terrible outfit lol. Anyway, I treat uppity animals like I treat humans who are behaving badly. First I try to reason with them, how brief this phase is depends on their response. If that doesn’t work then I give a warning, generally a growl or a verbalization that I do have training and will use it. When/if that fails I go for no-holds barred forced submission. A “normal” sized dog can be choked out the same way a person can be. We trained with German Shepherds in the Army and had to use low-pressure moves on them to help teach them to deal with trained combatants. They can be pinned…there’s no need to kill them, but if I’m being attacked I would at least knock them unconscious until help could arrive. And since Ballard police only like to respond quickly when it’s not important that could b 45 minutes later. ;)

    Anyhow, I guess what I’m saying is that you should always defend yourself, but it’s not usually the dogs fault. Like their owners, these puppies don’t know their place in the pecking order. You can usually teach them this without seriously harming them, as many of you suggested with the pepper spray posts.

Viewing 2 posts - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)

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