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    Life is amazing

    Weird that you can’t delete a post. I wrote here then decided to start a new thread instead but it wouldn’t let me delete so I erased it.



    Boatgeek, I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful reply. I haven’t read the initiative, so I can’t reply in kind. I am still concerned about interpretation and potential selective enforcement. There is still the issue of the people this should be a boon to, but instead are against it: the sheriffs.



    Phoo, I can’t say why sheriffs oppose 594 for sure. However, I can point out that most sheriffs are elected by county, that there are many more red counties than blue counties in WA (so more “red” sheriffs than “blue” in the association), that the NRA has substantial clout in red counties, and that the NRA will undoubtedly evaluate an endorsement for or against 594 in their next round of election endorsements/campaign spending decisions. Even without the NRA, 594 will fail by large margins in red counties, and sheriffs represent those counties.

    Also, law enforcement isn’t all in one bloc against 594. EG, the Nat’l Association of Police Organizations* supports 594, as do a variety of chiefs and rank-and file officers.

    * This sounds like a group that would send a delegate to the American Society of Association Executives (actual name of the group).

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)

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