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    And maybe this should be in classified, I apologize. I am not recommending anyone, I need recommendations.

    I think finally, FINALLY, we are in a place to replace knob & tube wiring to normal stuff. Our house is huge though there is access, I don’t think a lot of wall deconstruction would have to happen. We are going to start the process to get quotes from electricians. I know the the expense will pay off in the long run, esp where homeowners insurance comes in.

    Mr T wants to hire someone small and local. I don’t care, I just want a price quote and the work to be performed as quoted. Our budget isn’t huge but our range is 10-15ish thousand. And darn it….y’all realize this could almost all the way restore the ’66 MGB but alas, home electrical comes first.

    I’m going to be soliciting quotes for probably the next 2-3 months. If anyone has anyone they recommend, can you let me know? The work will happen btwn say next month and 6 mos from now, depending on what we come up with.



    Kemly Electric, located in Ballard. We always call them for electrical work and the prices seem fair and the work is excellent.


    Bean Dogger

    Greenlake Electric. They are fast and bring enough people to get the job done efficiently, not one guy who takes weeks to finish.


    great idea

    unfortunately, I don’t have any companies to recommend.

    I could be wrong here, but $10-$15k seems rather high to re-wire a house. even with a new electric panel ($2-$3k), running new wires shouldn’t be that expensive (although you did say the house was big).
    maybe that budget includes patching drywall, new light fixtures, etc. and I’m way off.



    Exact Electric. I had some knob and tube pulled and replaced. Got bids from Exact and Kemly. Exact was 1/3 cheaper. Arrived on time. Did the work in one long day. Had some suggestions for additional work that I had not thought of, i.e. an extra circuit that he could run for $60 more and extra outlets for another $100. He based the recommendations on his observation that I had a kid and would want more power upstairs in her room shortly and it was basically only the cost of materials to put them in while the other work was going on. Was really impressed that he was thinking ahead like that. Can’t say enough good things about Exact Electric.



    Ours was about $8,000 for the whole house (minus the panel which was already newish) about four years ago using SME. In addition to replacing the knob and tube, that included some can lighting and an outdoor outlet for Christmas lights. We were happy with them but they don’t exactly fit the description of a small company probably.



    Thanks!!! Doesn’t need to be a small company, I think Mr T was thinking they’d be more inexpensive. These all give me a perfect sampling to get quotes.

    GI, it would be SO nice if it wasn’t that much. I heard an “approximate” would be $200 per outlet. This house is woefully short on outlets but it is a huge house. Once we started counting in our heads, we realized the job might be larger than we thought. There is easy access though, so that’s a bonus.

    Thank you all. I will get quotes from everyone mentioned. Under $10,000 would be lovely so my fingers are crossed. I am really looking forward to getting competitive homeowners insurance so safety aside, I think this will definitely pay for itself long term.



    One more to check out. Speedy Electric has done excellent work for me in my home and one of my businesses. They make appointments, and keep them, reminder calls the day before. Easy to deal with. Very professional. Leave the place clean and neat. I can’t say the same about the other electrician I’ve dealt with.

    My house was built in 1916 (or 1918 depending where you look), but a prior owner replaced all the knob and tube. Some of the k&t replacement was not done correctly and Speedy put it right when they saw it.

    The cost of electrical work seems way out of line in this town compared to other places I have lived. I don’t understand why it is so. Similar work in the SF Bay Area (East Bay) is/was a lot cheaper than done here.


    Bean Dogger

    One additional thought; the service to the house from City Light is critical. My house still had the original 60 amp service. I recommend a 250 amp service and new expanded panel. City Light will want any new service/meter location to be accessible so you may need to relocate. I also had to replace the mast where power enters the house from the street.



    Shelley, thanks. So now I will have five quotes, that seems adequate. I will contact them tomorrow. Mr T is taking a couple of days off work to have electrical people over to quote, plus the glass top stove top needs to be replaced so I can schedule that too while he’s home. “Glass” tops *will* break if a growler falls on them from on top of the fridge. Who’d have thunk it?

    Bean Dogger – I’m kind of an electrical idiot. So are you talking about where they read the meter? Ours is ancient. Do you suppose I should contact City Light too? Or will the electricians know to do this? And is something they (City Light) does or do we pay for it?



    He’s just saying that you may have to upgrade the total amount of power coming to your house, in addition to upgrading wiring inside the house. I would guess that you would have to schedule part of that work to be done by City Light — you’ll pay for it all, though :) The electrician should be able to advise you on the big picture of what you’ll need done.


    great idea

    yes, a good electrician should know when to call in city light.

    for example, if the existing electric meter (the box outside with the spinny-thing) is in your backyard, they will move it to the front 1/3 of the house so it can be read more easily by the meter readers.
    this, despite the fact that I think they will be able to read the new ‘smart meters’ remotely when those come on-line. there will be some guy in the factory who knows when you’re blow drying your hair.



    Like Bean Dogger, we had a 60-amp service. Unlike him, the previous owner had gone and put in a 200-amp panel without upgrading the service. If we’d run that up to 180 amps, we could easily have burned the house down without tripping the main breaker. We got that upgraded later on.

    I would also definitely get a big panel when you replace the fuse box. We’re running out of circuit breaker slots in ours. It’s not much of a add-on to the price when it’s being installed, maybe $50 from close to the right size to plenty of extra. It don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for 25%-40% spare slots. The electrician will know roughly how many breaker slots he’s going to need, and then he can increase that by 25%-40% to a standard panel size.



    “… they will be able to read the new ‘smart meters’ remotely when those come on-line. there will be some guy in the factory who knows when you’re blow drying your hair.”

    I’m pretty sure no blow-drying will be necessary with your new tin-foil helmet.



    How about six electricians to consider? Bowie Electric is Ballard owned. They did a nice, clean job for me in 2011. They were recommended by my contractor. Independent of that rec, they did lots of work over many years for a company where I worked.



    Ok, added Speedy and Bowie to the list. Response by Bowie was super fast.

    Oh yeah, our spinning thing is super old :)



    I had a remotely read meter put on our house – I had three meter readers let the dogs out, twice in one year, despite being listed by city light as a do not enter yard. Long story I refuse to relive. But – while you’re likely going to have to upgrade the meter – might as well go the last step.



    Always choose that electrician firm which offers reliable quote for particular work like i had from electrician coral gables few days ago.



    I really don’t recommend the six electrician because i have heard many negative feedbacks about their service.



    Thanks for those suggestions. I don’t have any companies to recommend.
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