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    I am looking for a good place to have a facial. Last time I went it was a disaster.
    Looking to have the whole nine yards done. Any good suggestions for a place?




    I know it is not in Ballard, but I think you will like it.



    I’ve gone to Babalouise in the past, they’re great. They’re next to the Tin Hat on 65th, if I remember correctly!




    Both look good! As many times as I have gone up and down NW 65th I have never noticed Babalouise. This winter, for some reason, has really played havoc on my skin – ultra dry and just feels almost itchy. At first I was blaming my cat when I went to bed thinking she had gotten fur on the blankets. Nope, it was just my skin.
    I’m drinking water like crazy, moisturizing but nothing helps. Sounds like a good facial would do the trick.



    Gracie: You might also look into vitamins that are good for the skin (internally). I know Zinc is one, vitamin E too. My parents for awhile had a terrible problem with their elbows being so dry that they would crack and bleed. No lotion, nothing would work, but taking zinc supplements fixed it. However, take it with food and not too much at one time. It’s rare for vitamins or medicines to make me sick to the stomach, but too much zinc will do it, double for on an empty stomach.



    I cannot say enough good things about Lisa/Cassie’s Skincare, (Yelp loves her too). She is very nice and obviously knowledgeable about skin care. She gives great advice for continued skin maintenance with natural remedies (based on your needs) and doesn’t try to sell you any products (which made the experience that much more relaxing). She also has monthly deals. Here is the link to her site,



    Phoo, I do take vitamins but not zinc. Something to think about. I was also thinking maybe I’m having reaction to new makeup or type of moisturizer. All I know is my face feels like the desert, it feels so dry and itchy. And skin is looking mighty dull. So think facial desperately needed!
    ladybuk – checked out cassies – and they do hot rock massage. I had that when going through physical therapy and it was HEAVEN.



    Danielle at Fruitful Skincare in Fremont is amazing – all natural food grade products used in all her treatments!




    gracie: Apparently A, C, D and several of the B vitamins are good for skin too. Sweet potatoes are high in A, so eat some sweet potato fries and have a facial. :) If you at all feel down, you might want to take rather large doses of B12 and D3. Just because those coincide with low mood and may be involved in dry skin.



    phoo – No, not in low mood. Tired mood, yes but not low. And I do love sweet potatoes..low or high mood! :)



    Gracie – do you exfoliate regularly, or at least once a month? I found this has made a world of difference for me.



    I noticed shortly after turning 40 that my skin would get dry. It was never a problem before; now I use face and body moisturizer daily. I will look into the zinc…thanks Phoo!
    Also I surmise you work in a modern office building Gracie; HVAV will definitely have an effect on your skin and respiratory systems. Don’t have suggestions about dealing with that but thought I’d mention it. When I lived in the desert it was hard to decide whether to deal with the heat or deal with the AC.



    coconut Oil. Use it on your skin. Eat some everyday.



    Curtis – I am working in a new modern “green” building. And funny you should mentioned respiratory – because ever since we’ve been here lots of us have developed chronic bronchitis. I miss not having open windows and being “sealed” in this building – that they still haven’t figured out the heating/cooling system. Either we’re so hot can’t stand it or wearing polar fleece, etc. Never thought about my skin. Good point!
    Smartsy _ I bought coconut oil (got some at Trader Joe’s that was recommended), everything you can think of. And I do exfoliate but doesn’t seem to help – or I’m using wrong stuff or not doing it enough. That’s why I thought a professional facial might help. I’m also suspect of a new makeup I started using. Put it on this morning & my face is starting to itch.
    Definitely going to check into the zinc.
    I really appreciate all the suggestions and recommendations.



    I’ve never found facials to have any benefit other than being relaxing for the 90 minutes I’m there. I like the relaxation part so I get them as a treat every once in awhile but I wouldn’t call it part of my skin care regime.

    I’d try to rule out the makeup first. I stuck with the first thing I found that worked for me (Bare Minerals) and don’t plan on changing it until it changes or is discontinued. If you had something that previously worked, maybe switch back to it?



    Going to do jist that..buying what I used to wear. See if that makes difference.



    I have never had a pro facial, so I can’t help there, but I swear by the fresh face masks at Lush (in Westlake Mall). They also have excellent moisturizers. They’re very good at giving small sample containers if you request them as some of the moisturizers are fairly pricy and only worth it if they work for you.

    I will also second the coconut oil recommendation. I have a friend that tells me eating one tablespoon a day has cured a multitude of her ailments, including extremely dry skin. I’m not sure I quite believe it’s a cure-all, but it makes sense for dry skin. She said it took a week or so before noticing any difference, but now she doesn’t even use moisturizer except before bed.

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