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    Bob, our front porch gargoyle was stolen last night a little after midnight. We have a camera on the front, so we have seen the perpetrator. It is a woman with a hooded jacket and distinctive crossbody bag.

    If you see Bob appear at your neighbors yard, please message me. I will try to attached a photo of him.

    The thief had to see the gargoyle before, because she went right to it. It is not visible from the street or sidewalk.

    A big F-YOU to the thief, I hope it falls and smashes your foot…harummpf!



    Here is a pic of Bob, he was a gift from my brother 15 years ago. Bob was weathering nicely. Idiot thief.




    Sorry, the image will not attach.

    Try this link:

    Well that didn’t work either, sorry.



    I’m sorry, jburgh. Thieves suck.



    jburgh, that really sucks. do you want to email the ing to me and I will post it?



    In the photo could you see if she had thick pigtails? There is a girl with distinctive bag that begs by Fred Meyers and then at 15th and Market. Holding gas can saing needs gas. She rides a bike!



    Well that sucks – can you make “BOB” your profile pic? That might be one way to have him “seen” – just did a quick search of craigslist – nothing vaguely similar for sale there – where would one fence a gargoyle these days? ;(

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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