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    Today I went to get a filling in my teeth. My dentist not only fixed the issue with the tooth, but made the pair of teeth better than ever before. This is the second time that he’s managed to correct a problem that I didn’t even know could be fixed. I can actually get dental floss between those teeth now!

    I’d like to get or make him some sort of gift, but I have no idea what kind of gift to get for someone I don’t know. It’s frankly never crossed my mind to give my dentist a gift. Fillings are his job, but other dentists have fixed these teeth and never did this simple thing that makes them so much more awesome.

    When I have more time, I could bake cookies and that way his excellent staff could enjoy them too, but I’m not sure if it’s a faux paux to give a dentist cookies. I’m also not sure if it’s quite enough (almost though!). However, when I give gifts, I prefer to make them thoughtful and/or with some element of homemadeness. It’s too easy and not meaningful to order flowers. I’ve considered a piece of photography, but canvas prints are very expensive.

    I’d love to hear suggestions!



    May sound inexpensive but how about flowers in nice maybe some from your own yard, with a thank you card. If worrying about allergies, maybe a nice plant. I am sure he doesn’t expect anything but nice to let him know how happy you are with results


    Nora Bell

    You know nothing about him? I’ve never had a dentist who didn’t chatter on about himself (or herself, in some cases) while scraping my teeth.



    This dentist took over for my old one awhile back. One of the first things he did was implement netflix in his practice. Come to think of it, he really doesn’t chatter at all. Even when I’m watching netflix, his conversation with his assistant is purely about the work. I know zero about this guy except that he does good work.

    However, some of his staff I know from the old practice (that dentist was super awesome too, but the new one seems to have more abilities). I have considered calling them on the QT and not asking them outright “what should I get” (I like my surprises to be surprises), but more interests. Especially if I did a photograph or something like that.



    Looks like it’s too late to edit my post, but gracie I wanted to let you know I didn’t ignore you. I’m considering all options, including yours and I’m ruminating on them.



    My first thought before even finishing reading your post was “bake something yummy for the whole office”. Even if you don’t have time, a very nice torte or something from a high-end local bakery would do. Flowers would be fine, and of course there’s the traditional shouting of praises on Facebook, Yelp and so forth.



    Maybe a gift basket filled with several of the local Ballard micro brews. It would support even more local businesses.



    I don’t know about gifts but I’d sure like the name of your dentist!



    Cheese or a special spread, crackers and WHY would it be a faux pas to give him something homemade?


    I know I’m in the minority but I’m not sure food is a good idea for a stranger anymore. I just received the nicest gift of food for a favor I did for a fellow business person.
    I’m vegan.
    I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to some of you non vegans reading this “just give it to someone else” but the fact that it contributed to the treatment of animals I fight so hard to avoid…. It was sweet and she, of course, doesn’t know it but it gave the opposite effect that she wanted. Just made me feel kinda sad.
    My two cents is don’t go overboard. A photograph isn’t necessary to get your message across and whatever it is may not be his style.
    I agree with the idea of some lovely flowers in a vase with a heartfelt thank you note and lots of rave reviews on yelp and Angies list etc.



    phoo – all I can say is that your dentist is doing his job, that is what he is paid to do! What I would do is shake his hand and thank him with real sincerity. That is what I do and I have a good dentist, Dr. Gray at Roosevelt Dental FYI.

    Before and After Organizing – hey fellow vegan I hope we can meet up some time..



    Ok, I called and did mention the gift, since it’s otherwise kinda creepy to ask what his interests are. There’s a pattern of being active: sports, basketball, xfit, outdoors stuff, building things (ie: carpentry – he built his own dining table). He recently bought a house and when I asked about diet restrictions, I was told the only diet everyone there has is “chocolate!” So maybe an assortment of Theo bars and treats.

    VB: I generally disagree. My two front teeth overlap which makes it nearly impossible to get teflon dental floss between them – wax will just get stuck between them. It’s no surprise that they are subject to a lot of decay. I’ve had a minimum of three other dentists work on them. This time when he fixed the filling that was chipping out, they no longer overlap and I could easily get wax floss between them, and without turning my fingers purple!

    Cate: He’s over in Wallingford (45th/9th) and is Dr. Knudson. The business name is Brush Dental.

    LIA: Your point is well taken about not going overboard. I can sometimes do that, although last time I gave photos, I did not. They were cheap and easy. It would however be far more complicated and/or expensive to give ones that were already matted and framed.



    phoo, I asked my dentist – he said that as an office policy they do not accept gifts (said it was uncomfortable for all in the office ) – but would like all patients to pay their bills in a timely fashion


    Jimmy Rustler

    Just buy lunch for everyone in the office one day. That is a good way to say thank you.





    great idea

    hire him a stripper dressed as the tooth fairy.

    that’s got to be every dentist’s dream.



    RichY: Paying my bills on time is my normal MO. But you have a good point about gifts being potentially uncomfortable. I once had a non-customer service job and the first time someone tried to tip me it freaked me out. It turns out that sort of thing happened more than once, so the folks told me to redirect people to a global tip jar that was then used to buy everyone pizza or coffee. They don’t have a specific policy against it (or it would have been mentioned), but it’s true, I don’t want to make people feel weird.

    Consumable goods might be the best way to go. Everyone in the office can enjoy them and they’ll be less weird. I’ve been told there aren’t any unique diets and folks like chocolate. As a bonus, if I made chocolate dipped chocolate, I could make extra and take them on my camping trip. I’d also make another baked good in case people don’t want their chocolate delivered in such a meaty way.



    Portlock salmon. Bartells and other stores sell it in attractive boxes and it is not that expensive.


    Life is amazing

    I think great idea had a great idea ;)


    Avocado Head


    Too bad it’s out of stock, hehe

    But I second the idea of buying everyone lunch!




    AH: Hah!

    Hmm, I’m starting to think that a lunch gift basket might be in order. Smoked salmon, crackers, chocolate bars and a couple other items. A cheese maybe, and a condiment like an olive tapenade. Everyone could share and would make for a nice light meal. With several items, there would be something for everyone.

    I really appreciate all the suggestions! It has definitely helped.

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