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    mondo – yes, I’ve read a lot about the American Revolution last few years and this book talked about people and events I’d never heard of before (the pillaging of St. Eustatius, British attempts to invade Central America) and shed some new light on the British leaders. I have O’Shaughnesy’s book on the American Revolution and the British colonies in the Caribbean (“An Empire Divided”) now on my list to read in the future as a result



    “The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge”, Jeremy Narby. If you like spirituality and science this book will fascinate you.



    Thanks.It is/was. Let me see what I can come up with for you.



    Wow – lots of good books to look forward to reading.

    SA – I will check out “Time and Again” and I am off to visit my daughter in Brooklyn on Monday, I borrowed a Dahon folder that fits in a suitcase so we can do some riding!

    Shelly – I am just reading “I am Malala” very interesting and amazing that women/girls have to live like that in this day and age.



    There is a sequel for Time and Again, From Time to Time. Both are fun reads.



    @sunsethillguy – you might enjoy the fascinating non-fiction book Confederates in the Attic – on of my all time favs for outlining the way history still plays out in today’s world.
    Timothy Eagan’s “The Good Rain” is a similar, though PNW focused book.

    I mostly read mysteries of the non-gory variety but recently returned to an old favorite – Alice Hoffman – loved her book The Red Garden – though again, its probably the history tie-in that grabbed me. Ex-librarian who specialized in historical research so I suppose that’s a given ;)

    Mystery-wise – Sarah Andrews geologist/detective Em Hansen series is fun. As is Stephen White’s Alan Gregory psychologist series, Elizabeth George (Inspector Lynley – books much better then the series they made), Tony Hillerman – the tamer side of mystery.



    Hey, VB, let us know what you think of the bike lanes in NYC. I seem to remember reading that they’ve set up some special (more protected?) lanes on major urban roads in recent years.



    CHer – read “the Good Rain” many years ago and love it, also love Egan’s book on the Dust Bowl: “The Worst hard Time” which is quite simply one of the best books ever written.

    “Confederates in the Attic” is one I’ve been meaning to read but keep forgetting about, as the saying goes so many books, so little time

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)

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