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    To inject a nice note, I do like your new avatar, BR.



    Thank you Mondo. Cubist Seattle. : )



    For the record I have never threatend to burn anyone’s house nor have I ever cursed here.

    Snark has exsted here since time began and gracie is still every hour on the hour. Seems to deter no one.



    Briar Rose – I DID NOT SAY IT WAS YOU! Nor would I think you would ever do anything like that. In fact, as I recall it was a man threatening a woman here. So if you thought I meant you, sorry on that. I know you can be snarky at times but would never, ever think of you going down that road.
    And that is quite an exaggeration every hour on the hour. But I don’t know why I’m arguing with you. It’s senseless so I’m peace out to you and hope you enjoy the game on Sunday.
    (But to make you happy I am going to put a new forum right now! *L* )

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)

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