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    Anyone still left up there? Still here in Silicon Valley getting healthier, had some bad moments but am on the mend. Forum seems to have evolved into sort of an impersonal info source, probably due to the trolls. Hate to see that, met some really fine people thru this forum. Best to all.



    Hey OG-

    I was just wondering what you were up to!

    Yes, the forum has had the life sucked from it. A shame.

    Glad you’re doing well. Coming up this way any time soon?



    Hope to get up that way this summer, GAM… still have a brother and dome family in Edmonds, really interested in what is going on up your way, sort of like down here with a higher degree of innocence (nothing innocent about CA)…
    Will definitely let you know for sure, looking forward to it.



    Hi oldguybc – I am still here and I suspect a lot of the old members are still checking the messages but there is not a lot going on with this site anymore.
    The “https://ballard.nextdoor.com” web site is where it is all happening at the moment. It is managed and has rules that have to be followed or you are kicked off. I like it as it is a great resource for the community.
    Hope you are doing well down there in the warmer climes, although it is very nice up here in terms of the weather right now, beautiful warm, sunny fall days. Are you talking about “summer” 2016? Because I think you missed “this summer”! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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