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    But who still reads USA Today? I mean that shit is about as accurate as Larry King! P.S. Hipsters are dead!



    Wow, anyone here remember the olden days mentioned in the article, when Ballard Ave was devoid of a single espresso-serving cafe?!



    I’m not sure about Ballard Ave, but Starbucks has been on Market for almost 30 years, undoubtedly longer than the author of that article has been alive.



    The few ‘hipsters’ I know (who would only use that word in a self-deprecating way) have moved well beyond the spots listed. As soon as it is hip to be seen some place they have to find the next un-hip stop to transform. They are always riding the crest of the wave.



    Hipsters flocking to the EMP? Last time I saw people enter the EMP/SciFi Museum, it was midwest tourist families looking for something to do before going up the Space Needle.

    FYI to the writer, Lucky in Ballard are shutting down and going exclusively online.

    This story seems abit stale , candidly. I think it is a reprint.

    Love the comment about Larry King. So true. The only people I see reading the print version of this fishwrapper are business travellers in chain hotels, including myself. Maybe it’s just me, but distribution does not equate readership, pass along statistics aside.

    Damn, I am abit of a cynic this morning.



    The biggest EMP fans I know of are under age 12 — it is a great place for a kid’s birthday party. Maybe some of the parents could pass for hipsters if the light is low?

    Ballard High School held the Winter Ball there one year and I thought that was an excellent use of the space. My kid had a great time; much better than subsequent years at dance-only venues.



    That article wouldn’t know a hipster if one bit them on the ass.

    I also agree the article sounds stale.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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