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    I do know Bob and Leo. They came on board shortly after I started there. I was on the grounds crew. :)



    I haven’t come across any major celebs. Doug Yule, formerly of the Velvet Underground, lives here. He’s a violin maker now and Mr. Angeline has met and chatted with him. Saw Tom Douglas in Ballard Market only once, but I hear he is a regular. A relative of Duff McKagen’s worked at my kids’ elementary school.

    Saw Darryl Hannah once from a distance, but on Maui, not here.


    Allison W

    No way. Did you ever work on the ground covering stuff for Microsoft Company Meeting? I was the show lead on that for…8? years, starting the first or second year we did the event there. I worked closely with Bob on how to protect the field, and Leo and I were homies since we’re both from Tacoma.



    Typically for those events I would come in before and help lay down those interlocking white panels (which were a PIA) but wouldn’t stick around for much more than that. I guess it’s possible our paths could have crossed a long time ago.



    Rudy & Allison – small world, huh! Allison, your job sounds pretty cool.
    Celebs – remembering after reading some posts I have met a couple of others. Tom Douglas at a charity event. Says he hates baking because it’s a “science of measuring.” His food is SO GOOD.
    Met Steven King. Again like an idiot, as I shook his hand I said “I’m your number one fan” line from one of his books. He smiled but probably thinking DORK. He likes to swear, that’s for sure.
    John Wayne and Jimmy Schmitz (spelling?) – didn’t meet but saw them up close.
    Talked to Elvis on the phone once. (he was here for concert) Thought it was a joke and later found out it was for real. Someone I know actually met him & she said, he said the weirdest thing. He said “are you the one on the phone who wouldn’t believe it was me?”
    Celebrities and myself apparently bad mix! :) :)
    But the one I didn’t screw up. When I was a kid went to San Fran with my mom, brothers and families. We went into restaurant called DiMajio’s. Joe DiMajio was in there eating and I had no idea who he was. My mom and sister-in-law wanted his autograph and made me go up to him and get him to autograph some things. I was mortified but did it. He was extremely gracious, good looking for an older man. After my mom died I found that address book with his autograph. But unfortunately when I moved, place where I kept books in basement a pipe above had small leak and it got destroyed. Very sad.

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)

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