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    Looks like bragging to me. Maybe that’s subjective. Or not.

    That stalking of Silver was seriously creepy. Between bizarrely stalking a clearly nice, earnest person, and the multiple occasions bragging about being a hero who saved a dog (the above link was my lazy 3 second Google search of “stopgo hero”, and the very first link that came up-didn’t even bother to look at the other links that popped up), there was just always something a little disturbing about that character.

    (Assuming that StopGo wasn’t just another incarnation of one very sad individual who had *lots* of identities on the old MyBallard.)



    I suppose it depends on what you consider bragging. I imagine that it was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, considering the fact that he mentioned saving the dog in a Maserati.

    And no, he isn’t connected to any of those other characters.



    Oh, and regardless of what anyone thinks of StopGo, the owner was very grateful. That should be enough.


    (I also did a lazy Google search, and that was the first thing that popped up.)


    great idea

    “And no, he isn’t connected to any of those other characters.”

    how do you know that penny?

    the link you posted (from the ‘grateful owner’) looks remarkably like something written by doug11. all the caps and added exclamation points– could the whole thing have been a ruse?

    I hope not, as it did bring out some good will, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all phoney bologna.



    “ken” pegs my bullsh*t meter.

    Yes, definitely doug11’s style with ALL THE CAPS!!!!!



    I can promise you it wasn’t a ruse, great idea. The family live around the corner from me – their dog was stolen from the front garden. It’s kind of sad that you would doubt it, especially if you think that I had anything to do with making up such a story. I don’t know if you were following the thread when it actually happened, but the family were devastated, especially when all leads pointed to a dog fighting ring.

    Here is the original post. It was the car description that tipped StopGo off. He had seen them going into an apartment building in his neighborhood.




    Wouldn’t that be StopGO and not StopGo?

    Anyway, it did seem that he did a good deed and was very pleased to have been able to. Nothing wrong with that. He did brag about it, but he sort of earned the right so I didn’t begrudge him.



    Always thought StopGo was a bus driver, you know, stop, go, stop, go, etc.
    He was sort of, how can I say it, refreshingly sarcastic, sounded like a few Italian guys I know so I always called him “Guido”. One thing, he was never boring.


    Allison W

    VB, were you at the FM today? I wanted to say hi but you were busy.



    Allison – Yes I was! Next time come on over and say hi! I am never that busy that I don’t have time for MB folks. :) It was a hot day…..And lots of people.



    One thing to consider is that the lack of activity is because people can’t log in. I’ve been trying for months (since the changeover) to log in with no luck, and had several exchanges with someone at the tips@myballard address until they simply stopped answering. For some reason I was able to get in today.

    I also can’t get into my PhinneyWood account, and the admin told me that the forum has been broken and they haven’t been able to fix it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were only a small fraction of users that can actually log in.



    Nuttmeg, are you Nutmeg from the old forum?

    I think you are right about people can’t get in, but that was true for the old forum after a point because I was locked out for probably 8 or 9 months and I couldn’t sign up for a new account either. A neighbor (“gnoman” here) can’t get on from his own house, but he can by using my wifi. I can’t get on from one of my businesses (in Lake City), but can from the other one (U-District).

    PS Even though it says “Moderator” under my name, I don’t have any special powers. I think that was some kind of experiment.



    Yess, the neww Nuttmeg is the same as thee oldd Nutmeg.

    As this thread was going on and people were saying “Where is so-and-so?,” I was sitting here yelling “Here I am!!” But I guess none of you heard me.

    It does seem that this site is on auto-pilot since I wasn’t able to get any help. At least on PhinneyWood they told me that there was a problem.



    What is up with Phinneywood? I couldn’t even find a spot to log in. Had been while since I’ve been though.



    Right, there’s not even a place to log in. I was told it’s broken and they haven’t been able to figure it out.



    I liked 1der, he liked to listen to my Youtube Vlogs(:b

Viewing 16 posts - 51 through 66 (of 66 total)

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