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    If you didn’t happen to see this story on new interactive map the City put out that shows all current construction projects, it’s actually pretty interesting. I still don’t get why everything has to be a giant box and not at least slightly fit the existing character of the neighborhood, but that’s my personal pet peeve as a historic preservation advocate ;)

    Article about the map

    Map itself


    great idea

    I was actually somewhat disappointed in the map.

    many of the links did not feature any imagery and didn’t seem very informative.

    on a side note, it looks like the MyBallard team did better reporting than KPLU.

    Paula Wissel incorrectly states in her article that the “website lets users click on any current permitted building project”

    Halynn Blanchard on the other hand, rightfully notes that the map shows “aspects of a project that requires or has gone through a Design Review”

    Seattle puts Design Review on the map

    the KPLU article makes it sound like any new house or remodel will be revealed on the map but it’s really only bigger projects on arterials.



    GI – the previous/”normal” permit/complaint search map does show all the permits/applications/complaints, so you can find your new house or remodel there.


    great idea

    I’m guessing you’re referring to this map Mondo:

    which is even more pitiful (maybe because they’re using Bing?)

    if you’re able to navigate the map without the layer boxes disappearing, it still shows little information– a verbal description at best.

    on a side note, I find it extremely ironic that the anti-development crowd in Ballard (which always bemoans that density is not more spread out), had the opportunity to embrace this very course of action.
    yet the squeaky-wheeled NIMBYs (and their pocketbooks) frightened the mayor into retracting this proposal which will actually do nothing but focus more density in Ballard.
    as long as they still have two parking spots in front of their house, things are good apparently.



    huh? “this very course of action”?

    PS – yes, that’s the map I was referring to. You can click an icon for a summary, and for the full details, scroll down to the bottom of the little text box and click on one of the “see details about…” choices.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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