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    What internet is cheapest/ good performance? I know of Xfinity, and Century Link, but what other internet providers are out there? Our contract is ending and we would like to compare.



    I don’t have any issues with CLink. I stream constantly from Netflix and services and the worst it seems is it may take 20 seconds to get to HD, but it’s not even a daily thing.



    BH – there is free dial-up in Seattle

    Also Comcast did have low cost internet 20mbs for low income (internet essentials) , I think it was $9.99

    CL is running a sale now because of the fiber roll out



    My Dad gets 2Mb from ATT in Calif — I really noticed the delays when using it on my last visit. We’re relatively blessed here to have new high speed competition from CenturyLink. Don’t forget that you can now check out high-speed wireless hotspots from the Seattle Public Library — free!



    I had someone from CenturyLink show up at my door last night wanting to talk about their new high speed cabling. I only talked with them as long as I did because I thought it was going to be about their trucks blocking the street some more. Presumably they will be mailing out some printed advertising in my phone bill that lays it all out, because I’d be interested to hear about it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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