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    “Crisis in Iraq presents Tehran and Washington with opportunity to manage differences for greater good.” Al Jazeera on 06/16/14

    When I was in ninth grade (i.e. many years ago) my social studies teacher stood in front of the class and said that if there would be another World War in our lifetime it would start in the Middle East. It feels as if we have been living that World War in slow motion for almost 25 years in various permutations. My son’s first day of high school was 9/11. I remember telling him as we watched the second tower come down that we were at war. And we are still at war. As we are in the process of leaving it appears we are being pulled back in.

    I have never believed the saying that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And it feels like we are trusting in that logic if we join forces with Tehran. And yet ISIS seems to have the potential, from my American progressive eyes, as being as evil as the German Nazi movement.

    I am trying to see the “greater good” that Al Jazeera references but I can’t find any possible good coming from any action or inaction we may take as a country. I only see graduations of bad. I think I miss onederfullone. I seldom agreed with him but I did somewhat envy his ability to be so sure about what was right and wrong.



    Yep, I think Tom Friedman wrote “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy” in his column this week.



    As Casey Kasem would say, out of the top ten trouble spots in the world, Iraq is back at number one this week.



    Very well said, Cate. This is a new era and war is redefined. We have much more intelligence, and many new ways of gathering it, but it is still lacking in societal familiarity.



    How about that, we are teaming up with Russia and Iran to stop ISIS.

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