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    Mikelle Ericson

    Has anyone used this? Searching for information before I buy as a gift.
    Thanks much




    It is a complete waste of money and you will be embarrassed that you gave it to someone. There are very few offerings and the ones that are offered are usually already available at big discounts, most likely because no one else wants to see the show, either. There are usually shows at Tacoma comedy club, which gives tickets away free regularly anyway. The Parlor comedy club in Bellevue is also often listed. Other than that it is very slim pickings.
    I just checked today’s offerings. One is a comedy show in Tacoma and the other is a play I have never heard of.
    Trust the yelp reviews and pass on this one.



    I would steer clear of it. I used to work at a daily deal site that offered discounts on FillaSeat memberships and the feedback was exactly as BallardSea described. The available acts were either undesirable or already had free admission.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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