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    Where, in town, do you buy laptop batteries that are “worth a damn”?

    I used to use Batteries Plus out by Northgate Mall. But let’s just put it nicely, Ray-O-Vac’s batteries have recently taken a huge dive in length of service. Their prices are very high compared to online, but online you have zero idea who makes what, the actual specs, etc. Batteries Plus replacements used to be better than buying official Dell replacements. 4 out of 6 we replaced June 26th will no longer hold a charge and are pretty much tethered to their power cords which defeats the whole purpose of having the laptops in the first place.



    I would maybe check out RE-PC ( I have never had an issue there. All employees are helpful and knowledgeable.



    Aha! Located the warranty information. 1-year, not pro-rated. Looks like warranty claims are in order. Still am very disappointed in the quality and longevity, but won’t be shelling out more than $100 per battery to get the issue fixed. From a business perspective, it doesn’t pay to put batteries in the same laptop twice in a year when the now almost 3-year old laptops are worth less than the two battery replacements.

    SEdholm, we called RE-PC, and they’re pretty much a write-off for what we need (batteries and knowing what we’re buying). But definitely good to know about. We did get some additional used power bricks for sprinkling around the work floor.



    It’s a tricky problem, especially given the number of fakes and unknown-quality 3rd party brands. I usually try to find online/Amazon dealers selling real HP batteries on closeout, but that may require waiting for the laptop to age another year or two :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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