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    To the NW, amazing pink and orange color. Big rainstorm coming; might be a thunderstorm


    great idea

    to the NE there was also an amazing (triple at times) rainbow. very pink!

    I don’t think we’ll get thunder but that would be cool (as opposed to the man-made booms)



    It was pretty incredible to watch from the CLink last night. It just kept getting brighter



    The incredible beauty of the sunsets here amazes me every time.



    Last night’s sunset was shockingly beautiful. Was running between back room ( for the glow over the olympics and the rainbow ) and the dining room at the north to watch the pink sunset. Wonderful!


    Salmon Bay
      I was driving home at sunset last night, so I thought I would swing by Sunset Hill Viewpoint Park. Bad move, it was total freakin’ chaos. People double parking their cars to get out and take a photo, completely blocking traffic. I was completely stopped in traffic for about ten minutes. Note to self – don’t drive out to the viewpoint during an amazing sunset.
      We also saw a bunch of sunset rainbows driving home, amazing pink and purple shafts of light.


    The writing is on the wall, Seattle will disappear in a blinding flash of orange light in a week or so… LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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