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    We are doing a cosmetic renovation on our kitchen on a very tight budget. Last time we did this, 20 years ago in a different house, we saved money on the counters by choosing laminate. We bought the sheets and the handyman who was working for us constructed the counters onsite. He’s not in the area anymore, so now we are looking for someone to do that kind of work on our new place. Someone with laminate experience if possible, because we had a later repair to that kitchen by a different person who was a very talented carpenter but hadn’t worked with laminate before, and the result wasn’t quite as good.

    I’ve looked into having the counters factory-constructed through Morgan’s or Home Depot, and that brings the cost up quite a lot — so much that it starts making sense to go up just a bit more and buy something like granite. However, we have so many different projects with this house that going up “a little” might be a bad idea! We just want plain counters with a square edge and have always been happy with our laminate counters in the past.


    Smells Fishy

    Cupcake knows how to do this, but she is busy designing her not-wedding gown for our open house slash not-wedding-party. So as not to exclude her family we do not want them to get the wrong idea about our cohabitation I am hoping to get a non-official to preside.



    Try Seattle Countertops (www.seattlecountertops.com) in Frelard. They helped us out quite awhile back and it was affordable and good.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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