LOST DOG Monday, March 4th : "Buddy" Very Skittish

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    LOST DOG Monday, March 4th :
    “Buddy” Very Skittish. May have been hit by car near 48th & Market
    NO Collar or Chip
    If seen please Call:
    949-669-5886 or 206-669-5886



    I’m happy to report BUDDY HAS BEEN FOUND uninjured. He his now safe at home with his human family.
    THANK YOU for spreading the word! You are rock stars!



    The Family Pet would like to assure everyone that the health and safety of the pets that come to our clinic is our #1 priority.

    Monday evening we had the biggest scare we have ever experienced when one of our patients slipped out of his collar while out on a potty walk with a trained Assistant. Many of you may have heard of this patient and incident through the grapevine thanks to the efforts of his owners, The Family Pet team, friends, neighbors, organizations, and the Ballard community as a whole, but for those of you who haven’t, the patient’s name is Buddy. Buddy is a 7 year old Terrier/ Dachshund mix and through extreme efforts, positive vibes, and prayers he was found yesterday afternoon at the Seattle Animal Shelter! We are sad to say that while Buddy was lost he was struck by a car, but we would like everyone to know that he is currently stable and at home with his family. Due to the extent of the injury he sustained from the car, which was diagnosed back at The Family Pet, and the surgery he may need, we continue to ask everyone for their prayers and support.
    I would like to let our community know that although he did get loose on our property it was not because he was being walked without a leash as previously written statements or comments have said. We have never taken a dog off of his or her leash while at our facility. Other statements or comments have also said that an employee of The Family Pet may have loosened or unclipped his collar while he was in our treatment area. That is not the case; a bandana was placed around his neck under his collar, that is all.

    It is very easy to hop on a train of negativity, but I would like remind everyone that the employees of The Family Pet walk over 15,000 dogs per year and up until Monday evening we have never lost a single one, but some events however, are out of our control and accidents do happen. The Family Pet and it’s employees made every effort to help locate Buddy while he was missing which is why we have chosen to publicize the details what happened.

    Our clinic is choosing to learn from this unfortunate accident and we would like everyone to know that we will be implementing stricter rules within our hospital in regards to walking patients and re-training each employee on our standards of care.

    We sincerely hope that you all know how much we appreciate you for being our extra eyes and ears around Ballard and how amazing it was that we all came together to bring him home. Your support during a time like this for Buddy, his family, and our clinic is unmatched.

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