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    Underpants Gnome

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the helicopter that is hovering VERY low out in the water off Golden Gardens? It has been there since at least 9:30PM (7/28). We first noticed when it was out in the middle of the channel off Shilshole Marina. Followed a tug for awhile, then went towards a smaller boat heading north. Now the boat is stopped in the water and the helicopter is hovering behind the boat and looks like shining a light at the boat or in the water. Can’t tell if it is Coast Guard, too dark.



    Not sure if it was a drill or an actual rescue. We saw the diver go and then about 3-5 people lifted into the heli. It was difficult to see what was actually going on, but there was a diver with a vest on and you could make out people being pulled into the heli from the water with the crane. The water was very flat.

    The only reason I question if it was a rescue was because the helicopter left the scene heading North West and it kept flying well past Kingston. Maybe they were going to Port Townsend? I would think that Harbor View would have been much closer.

    coast guard heli rescue


    Underpants Gnome

    Thanks for the info. Didn’t have strong enough binoculars to see that there was a diver coming out of the helicopter. Hope it was a drill.



    If they were hoisting several people at night, it was probably a real rescue. The return flight was probably to Port Angeles, which is the local USCG helicopter base. Presumably, there weren’t significant injuries that would mean a trip to the hospital.



    Nope… it was a training drill. Just received the e-mail from USCG.

    Thank you for your interest in Coast Guard operations.
    An aircrew in an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Port Angeles was conducting training with members of Station Seattle in the vicinity of Shilshole Marina last night around 8 p.m. All Coast Guard units regularly conduct training to maintain proficiency.
    We do not regularly broadcast the movement of Coast Guard assets, whether for training or for responses. However, you may be interested in joining our electronic mailing list to receive all of our news releases about Coast Guard operations in the Pacific Northwest. To join the list or view recent news, please visit http://www.uscgnews.com.
    Additionally, please follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/uscoastguardpacificnw and on Twitter @USCGPacificNW for the latest updates.
    Enjoy your afternoon.

    Petty Officer Katelyn Tyson Shearer



    “Coast Guard Assets” It really bugs me when the men and women of the Coast Guard/CIA/Military are referred to as “assets.” When you dehumanize people it is easier to send them off to do dangerous tasks. Besides the Coast Guard members I know proudly like to be called Coasties. Hmmph. Rant over.


    Allison W

    There was a helo hovering really low over LH at like 6a this morning. Loud!



    By assets they mean equipment (ships, helicopters, vehicles), not people. The military does not publicly disclose in advance the destination of such to prevent attacks.



    Yeah, what was up with that chopper this morning over Loyal Heights? I checked the Real-Time-911 log and didn’t see anything. Weird. Probably a nice view of the mountains from up from there though.



    donarb – They may have met either but I read it as personnel. The CIA and Military Intelligence have long used “asset” as a descriptive phrase for an operative in the field. Since 9/11 the usage has spread throughout the military. But I had not heard it used for Coast Guard personnel before so maybe they meant the helicopter. CG is becoming more and more militarized though so who knows.


    great idea

    it really bugs me when some well-endowed woman refers to her nice boobs or bottom as her “assets”

    I know it’s just a combination of “ass” and “set”, but still it objectifies the person from a physical standpoint that just makes me feel uncomfortable.
    when you objectify yourself, it is makes it easier for others to join in, and talk about your megan fox-like legs or miley-like tongue.

    besides, the really hot-bodied women I know proudly like to be called “toasties”



    very funny great idea. I did laugh, out loud actually.

    But I stand by my initial rant that it makes it easier for govt agencies to send people into harms way when they are called assets and moved around on the chessboard just like the equipment that is also called an asset. Words matter.

    Back to the rescue training – wish I’d seen that. Sounds impressive.

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