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    2826 N.W. Market St. in Ballard (approximately 52 residents)
    3234 17th Ave. N.W. in Interbay (approximately 70 residents)

    8030 15th Ave. N.W. (approximately 36 residents) is one of the 4 sites chosen for the next round of city-sponsored encampments.

    Hey, Mike O’Brien — does this sound like a good plan to you?




    Brilliant idea. The site on Market, which is directly west of Habitude salon, is right across the street from a store that sells cheap beer and wine, a block from a liquor store and less than a block from the Sloop, another place to get cheap beer. It will also eliminate a parking lot used by customers of businesses along the strip.

    Fucking brilliant, Mayor Murray.



    That is next to The Sloop, just to the east of it.



    A Seattle government policy decision that wasnt adequately researched and thought out? Shocking! Probably cobbled together on way to and from Israel.



    Kate, you’re right. Google Maps shows it next to Habitude, but we walked by there tonight and it’s to the east of the Sloop.

    So … to one side, a dive bar, a smoke smoke and a liquor store; to the other, a store that opens early in the morning and sells cheap beer and booze.

    Great location. Brilliant planning.

    I am so sick of the idiotic decisions being made by city leaders.


    The Bunny

    wow. just wow. That spot if on my running route and at times the usual crowd hangs out on the nice grassy spot just outside the Sloop (not lately though). And I also like to walk the tracks behind the industrial building on the south side of the street (my walking route to the locks), and behind there is always a sizable homeless posse drinking. Guess where they get the beer? uh huh. Don’t believe me? Take a walk back there some afternoon.



    They definitely patronize that store on the corner. It opens early in the morning (I think around 7 a.m.) and I often see transient-looking people coming and going from there when I’m catching the bus around 7:30.

    WTF is the mayor thinking with this proposed location?


    The Bunny

    So reading this:

    City-designated homeless encampments coming to Ballard

    And it being possibly run by SHARE or Nicklesville?? Really? Have I got this right. This is an encampment (as I understand it, tent city) right on Market St?? Right in that spot??
    I have sent my strong worded concerns Mike O’Brien ( and the upcoming challenger Catherine Weatbrook (

    I suggest anyone who has strong feelings (one way or another), voice their concerns to these two.



    And they list a future site at 8023 15th NW. Really? 15th?



    I love the dank smell of pheromones in the morning



    I’d suggest voicing your concerns to the entire council. Mike O’Brien appears to be firmly in the homeless activist camp, so I doubt there’s any point contacting him about it.

    Yes, Bunny, this would be a tent city located right next to the Sloop on Market Street.



    Joining the chorus: WTF?

    When I talk about taking a measured approach to improving the camps rather than carte blanche eliminating them, this is NOT what I envision!!!

    On the other hand, I do believe in supporting local business, so “Go Sloop!, Go Mini-Mart!”



    so they’re going to take over the former City Light substation next to the Sloop? really?

    yes it’s been a homeless/vagrant area as long as I can recall and used to walk past it all the time when I lived by the Locks but I had hoped the city would try to clean it up not encourage more of the same!!



    oh and this should make all the renters of the VFW hall really excited too, that place is always busy with receptions and parties.



    Yes, so thrilled about the potential one on 15th – WHAT THE BLEEP ARE THEY THINKING!!!! there. now I feel better. Have already written the contact person – the thinking behind this is locating them in “commercial and/or industrial locations” – well the spot on 15th is directly next to 2 new Apodment complexes and less than a block in any direction from residential areas. The thin veneer of commercial on 15th does not really qualify it as “commercial” in my book. I have nothing against helping homeless people achieve transitional housing, but this is not the answer.



    I agree..WTF were they thinking. Oh yeah, they act first, maybe think later. Agree with tourists going to the Locks and Golden Gardens seeing this. Don’t know who owns “Ballard Lake”land by bridge but that land has sat undeveloped for years. It is huge and could contain lots of homeless. As it is that area is overran with transients, rv’s, etc. But then the businesses there impacted and coming over bridge first thing one would see.maybe not such hot idea. But we all who don’t agree have to contact mayor (can’t stand him) and City Council. Hey Mayor instead of wasting $200,000 of our money on rainbow sidewalks (most ridiculous thing) how about using that money for food banks, housing. I never thought I would leave Ballard but thinking about it.



    Seems like a very bad idea for any neighborhood in Seattle and an unsanitary one at that. Who will clean-up after the irresponsible population? The litter and leftovers along Leary Way don’t help Seattle’s green image.



    I posted thoughts that were, I thought, a distillation of these comments, as in, “WTF” on NextDoor, then got flagged for an inappropriate post. Every so often, my belief in the possibility of constructive debate in this town starts to wane if it does not hew to the orthodoxy.

    Short version – are you bleeping kidding me?


    great idea

    I am up for debating this.

    I happen to think this (Market St.) is a reasonable location.

    there is already a large homeless population in the area and it makes sense to consolidate them for their own safety as well as the perceived blight on the community.

    should tourists visiting the Locks have to see the true nature of our city?
    damn right they should! maybe they wouldn’t all go home and pack their bags to move here.

    the fact that this is a 1 or 2 year endeavor with a definitive ending should be enough solace for those that live close by (like me).

    in fact, I would put a hefty wager that I live closer to the Market Street site than anyone on this thread.



    @chris: Pisses me off that NEXT Door would react like that. In the past week they refused to remove a convicted sex offender from the membership citing that they cannot appear to be perusing and then reacting to people’s backgrounds.



    @smartsy – I missed that part entirely.

    People are way too sensitive over there, and the interface over here, kindly, is a little dated. I wish that the two would just merge and get it over with.

    Back to the topic at hand – does anyone know when the next Candidate Forum is? I have a couple million questions that I’d like to ask the incumbent and his challengers.



    The true nature of our city, GI? That our leaders are too stupid and inept to deal with our homeless problem? That we’re collectively enabling and perpetuating homelessness versus having the political will to do something meaningful about it? Yeah, let’s proudly show that off.

    And situating a tent city, at least a percentage of whose residents are almost certainly dealing with substance abuse issues, next to a bar, is a “reasonable” idea? What world do you live in?


    great idea

    Seattle has the the third highest homeless population in the country.

    maybe your idea of ‘dealing’ with them is letting them live literally underground like they do in New York.

    this is a temporary, compassionate solution that is better than isolating these people and subjecting them to assault.

    did you read in Nextdoor how somebody spray-painted “go home” on the side of an RV on Leary?
    folks like you were having a good chuckle about that.

    residents of Nickelsville are required to be clean and sober so if this operation is run similarly then being near a bar, convenient, or liquor store should not matter.

    and yes, let’s present Seattle for what it is.
    if people want to go to Disneyland they know where it is.



    GI – well many homeless already inhabit many of the bushes around the Locks and across from the 7-11 there so why not just put the encampment closer to that if you want to show off the “true nature of our city”?

    you may also live closer to the site now but I used to live on Market between 30th & 32nd for almost 20 years so I’m quite familiar with the locale. considering how many fancy apartments & townhouses there are now in that area maybe this is Murray’s way of trying to pay back the developers for their “affordable housing” ;)

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