Mayor Murray puts 2 out of 3 new homeless encampments in Ballard/Interbay

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    Salmon Bay

    Did anyone read what the mayor said about the encampments? He fully realizes they are not a long term strategy to end homelessness. Long term strategies to end homelessness are needed, but that’s beside the point of the encampments.

    Here is what Mayor Murray said:

    “These folks are our neighbors, each with his or her own unfortunate path to homelessness. The dramatic erosion of state and federal investments to respond to their challenges have created a full-blown crisis. With current shelters at capacity, we must fund additional beds immediately.”

    “Permitted encampments are not, in my view, a long-term strategy to end homelessness, but organized encampments provide a safer environment than what we see on our streets today.”



    Yes. I can read. My issues are that in 25 years no one has managed to develop a “long term strategy.” I might even been ok with this, if perhaps it hadn’t been mishandled in such a way as to antagonize those most directly impacted (site neighbors). That just seems like logic. But then, I’ve given up expecting logical behavior by ANYONE in this godforsaken city. 2016 can’t come soon enough for moi!



    I would certainly hope that no one in the city government expects tent cities to be a long term solution. That’s simply throwing in the towel, while pretending that you’ve done something. I’m fine with programs that keep people alive and safe until you can get them fixed up, but I want those programs to be an accountable part of that continuum, not random lobbing bits of change to the curb.

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)

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