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    great idea

    alright, so I am glad the soccer season has started.

    however there were a few unsettling events today:

    earlier game where goalie smacked his head into goal post, yet was kept in game.

    during Sounders match, one Seattle player clearly was clocked in the head yet was allowed to keep playing.

    one of the New England players fell on his shoulder and likely dislocated it.
    he was seen asking Seattle coaches if they had a doctor to shove it back in.

    they don’t even have a team doctor?

    honestly this league seems like a joke since I sat on a plane last year with some players who were flying coach on some crappy airline like the rest of us common folk.

    I thought about posting this to the ‘talk footie’ group forum but thought this might be more appropriate for a general audience.



    So don’t watch it then if it is “bush league”. Yes players still go on normal flights all the time, they fight every CBA for more and more rights like that. As the league gets richer the players will get more and more rights to private flights and what not. Sadly the players don’t have the financial backing to strike for stuff like that yet. NBAPU has $194 mil to support strikes, MLSPU has under $5 mil. They can’t fight to much for things like that yet. There will be a time soon when things will be like other leagues in America.

    As for Josh Saunders, yeah that was nasty, but unless he had a concussion no one will take him out. There is a reason they were attending to him for a bit. He had a big welt but it didn’t even look like it bled. Concussions are the big fight explayers are making right now like in the NFL, it has been really bad and with big names like Taylor Twellman in the commentary box screaming more and more for it.

    Every team has a doctor, while I wasn’t watching on tv because I was there I have no idea what you are talking about in last night’s game.

    For the punch that happened? If it did he will get suspended. They go back and review all that stuff every week and hand out suspensions after if they have enough evidence.


    great idea

    I don’t know about any punch that happened.

    ok, so maybe it’s fine, even cool that they fly regular planes like the rest of us.

    however, those hits to the head were serious. they attended to the one guy for about 30 seconds before he clamored to go back in.
    there was certainly no time to evaluate whether he was concussed, which was likely.

    the New England player who dislocated his shoulder clearly walked over to the Sounders bench and asked them if they had a doctor who could help pop it back in. if they had a team doctor, he sure as hell was not available.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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