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    I have an appointment on Cap Hill at the ungodly hour of 7:00am coming up. Anyone know how traffic is at that hour and how long I should allow to get over there? Which is worse: Elloitt or Aurora? Where is my monorail???



    at 7:00 Am, Best is freeway – 15- 20 min (that is from 24th & 85 to Broadway & Pike)
    Exit at Stewart or John if going to Swedish or Harborview


    Miss Wahoo

    GAM, from Sunset Hill to Broadway, north of Madison, it takes about 30 minutes at that hour. My DH used to take Dexter, but I think he still goes through Fremont, and takes Westlake now. I haven’t needed to be on 1st Hill on a weekday at 07:00 recently, but I tend to avoid Elliott if I can. Usually I’ll hop on 99 above Fremont, exit at Denny, take a right on Boren, and from there it’s easy to get wherever I need to be. Well, except if I had to cut up Pike or Pine to take a right on Madison, because sometimes the pedestrian traffic is really heavy – but that can happen at any time of day.

    It’s possible that people who work at your destination might also live (or perhaps have spent the night) here in Ballard, so they might be able to help narrow your choices down.



    it takes about 30 minutes pretty much any time of day, my GF has a place over there & it almost always takes 30 minutes to get to capitol hill.

    she usually goes 85th to I% and gets off at Roanoke (exit 168A) and heads up that way since she’s usually going to Broadway.



    Starting @6:30 am, generally most of those routes will be 1/2 hour, even less if you’re really lucky. The clog hasn’t really started yet that early, but once it does, it can take at least 45 mins to get to Cap Hill.

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