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    Used to listen to the Bob Rivers show. Now that he’s gone, I’ve been having trouble finding something I can tolerate, and is from here.

    Where do you tune your radio for the morning get up and get to work shift?



    Well, a few years ago I turned off the radio in the morning and during my commute – it was great, I was able to collect my thoughts relax and made it through the day much happier :)


    Nora Bell

    Well, Robin and Maynard used to be my morning wake up team, but I moved on when they did and Bob Rivers arrived. Was not a Bob Rivers fan. The current team with Danny Bonaduce is pretty entertaining.


    Avocado Head

    I just listen to music, usually KEXP. Occasionally NPR depending on the show. Can’t stand any morning talk shows.




    I’m in the same boat Shelly, tried NPR for a few days, but it’s sooo dry and serious. I guess I like my morning news with a large side of sarcasm and humor.

    Now I just listen to music.


    Jimmy Rustler

    KEXP 90.3



    KUOW. I need dry and serious in the AM. Need to know what is going on. Comedy duos don’t generally cut it.



    Hey all, thanks for the suggestions. Especially KEXP. I wasn’t aware of the station. Think I need to put up those old TV rabbit ears to get them reasonably in the radio dead zone atop Crown Hill. First morning and it feels like a good mix of music. And it’s going over well here at work too.

    Way better than KBCS’s lefty news show Democracy Now (ugh no more believable than Faux) I tried to listen to last week and their Caravan show which seems a completely pointless collection of “world” music.



    There’s always audiobooks/podcasts/CDs, depending on how tricked out your bike/car/phone is.



    Thanks Mondo. Yep, we often listen to various folks playlists from phones and pods at work, but it’s missing the commentary (even just the song intros or the little bit the DJ interjects) which makes it feel like a real person on the other end. Bob Rivers was not necessarily my cup o’ tea either, but I enjoyed their interviews with folks in the area.

    Think I’m a dinosaur in this electronic world. I still have this irrational attachment to radio from growing up in the ’50s, listening to the radio variety shows, hearing Elvis, Hank Williams, the Weavers and the Limelighters, and in the ’60s the British Invasion, and the copy cat bands, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Carole King, and on and on . My brother used to tune in the Mexican stations targeting the US Market which felt like forbidden fruit because they played songs not allowed on this side of the border. Long way of saying, I miss the conversation and the crafting of the show on live radio.



    My son, a child of the eighties, likes a lot of the music you do so don’t count yourself a dinosaur quite yet. (Johnny Cash, Kristofferson, Hendrix, Joplin all have a place in his rotations)



    Thanks Cate ;)

    At work the other day, one of my workers (26 yr old) was karaoke-ing and two stepping around the production floor to Ernest Tubb. I was tickled that he knew how to two-step with an imaginary partner, and he knew the words to 4 or 5 songs.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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