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    Lots of sirens a few minutes ago, and 911 dispatch says they sent 7 units to 39th and Phinney. “multiple medic response 14 per” was the notation. Does that mean 14 people were injured? Anyone with an idea of what happened?



    I found this:

    It appears that means 14 persons are responding, not being responded to. But it certainly implies it’s a big deal. I hope all ends well (or as well as such things can).



    The 7 person response level is for a person with very serious injuries. The SFD person I talked to said it was so they can have more hands than jobs (loading on to a gurney, starting IVs, chest compressions, etc. all practically at the same time). I would assume that a 14 person response would be two or more people in pretty dire straits. Something like a bad car accident would come to this level, or even a bad bar fight.



    Never did figure it out. Nothing on the 911 response map, no police reports. Hope the two folks are OK!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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