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    Miss Wahoo

    Hearing this makes me feel ill, Pennygirl. I’m so sorry.


    great idea

    that really sucks that animal control just blew it off.
    especially if someone is purposely harming these birds.

    is it possible they got into something unintentionally?

    I have never used rat poison so don’t really know where you’d set it out (although it seems irresponsible to have it outside at all).

    too bad the rats and crows couldn’t gang up on this person Hitchcock-style.



    I don’t know GI – anything is possible, I suppose. Whatever happened, I am very sad. Today was the first day that they didn’t try to get my attention by tapping on the gutter early in the morning.



    I am so sorry Pennygirl. I get rather invested in the birds around my house too. It is hard to imagine the thinking that went into wanting to kill native animal. Or any animals, but esp. those that come with the place, even if they have increased in population size due to increasing their carrying capacity with food sources. From your other stories, it sounds like some of your neighbors are not as evolved as the crows.


    AprilJoy Greenwell

    Oh pennygirl! I’m so sorry for your loss. That is absolutely heartbreaking. Made me instantly sick to my stomach to read. It’s hard enough when you lose one to natural causes but two the same day to possible poisoning is horrifying. I hope you find the missing one live and well.



    Despite my feelings about crows generally, I am very sorry about your loss. I know you cared very much for this little family. FWIW – there were doings a transpiring in the crow world last night. When I walked the dog in the early evening, there were hundreds of them swarming around Adams. They would collect in the trees caw at each other, fly around in a giant mass cawing, go back to the trees, and caw some more. They repeated this several times until they split into a few smaller yet sill large groups and shifted the activity to other centers.



    Typically, there are about 45 – 50 crows in our neighborhood. They all live in different gardens, and get along well with each other. Today, there are none. Not a single crow to be seen or heard, including my remaining crow baby.

    It’s really strange – I wonder whether word got out and they have moved on for the time being.

    I have a couple of lovely pictures of Basil and Sybil in happier times:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words.



    Fantastic update for anyone who is interested. Polly came back today. She waited until all was safe, then came down and allowed me within about 10 feet of her. Took some bread, dunked it in the pool, and flew off. I think my crow family has a new generation. Fingers crossed.



    PG – I really hope the cat food was just a coincidence; I’d hate to think a person would go to such effort to poison a crow (and likely other animals). Perhaps it was something like West Nile? This is the season for it, and dead crows often seem to be an early sign of its presence.
    Glad to read that one of the youngsters(?) has returned to visit you.



    We haven’t had many crows either. When I was out on my run I saw a couple that almost appeared to be sentry type crows. Am not sure what’s up.



    I think all the crows are at my house now. Huge family that waits and watches for me. Cawing FEED ME!! They know me well. Just north of Swanson’s.


    AprilJoy Greenwell

    Pennygirl, that is great news!



    Many sub- species of the Crow family, some no bigger than Robins, some huge, the size of Chicken Hawks or Vultures, saw one down in the Monterey/Carmel area that must have been 5-6 feet across wings, wouldn’t want to piss him off…

Viewing 13 posts - 26 through 38 (of 38 total)

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