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    It’s time to buy a new mattress. Where the heck does one buy one? Is Sleep Country really the way to go? They have such a high “car dealer sleaze factor” from their ads, that I’ve always just assumed they are more marketing than substance.



    Why buy a mattress anywhere else? [DING!]

    In all seriousness, I went to the Sleep Country on Roosevelt and 65th near Whole Foods. I was expecting some salesmanship and it was actually not bad. They give you lots of good info about what to expect from the range of mattresses available. They setup delivery and pick-up of your old mattress. You might find a better price at Costco, but you are stuck with whatever mattresses they carry (not many) and you get to haul it and dispose of your old one on your own (no thanks).



    There’s Seattle Mattress on 15th and 61st. Can’t vouch for them, but they’re in Ballard. I am sort of in the market for one at the moment, and some of the comments on Yelp seemed like they might be a good place to go.


    great idea

    we got a nice organic latex mattress at Seattle Mattress and were pleased with the service/price.
    my back is very happy with the mattress itself.



    We had a good experience at the one Rudy mentioned as well. Delivery, install and haul away included just like he said. Plus, we ultimately decided it was too soft after a month and they exchanged it with NO HASSLE!



    Back when I was shopping for mattresses, I went to three locations. Seattle Mattress, Bedrooms and More, and some place way down on 45th. I can’t remember their name (and don’t see them on google maps), but they were supposed to be like a well known mattress discount store or whatnot.

    Ultimately, it depends on what kind of mattress you are looking for. I was looking for something specifically supportive for my back. I am largely a stomach sleeper and on a flat-as-a-board mattress, that means my spine will be very curved. I also like the idea of a two sided mattress because although you have to flip them, it means it will last longer than a 1 sided. I know, the salesmen will tell you that’s not so and a 1 sided is all built to last. I don’t believe it. If there’s foam on a mattress, it will compact down. It is the nature of things.

    I was bitterly disappointed by the mattress “discount” place. Their prices didn’t look discounted to me, the staff weren’t knowledgeable, etc.

    I liked Seattle Mattress and it certainly would have been the easiest place for me to go. But everyone is so big on pimping out the super-soft one sided mattresses these days, and that wasn’t what I was looking for. The only two sided mattress these folks had was their super-crappy model.

    However, everytime I have bought something (3 mattresses and a topper), it has been from Bedrooms and More. Unfortunately, they’ll charge ballard the higher fee for delivery, but it’s close enough that if you can fit it into your car, it’s not a bad drive (even if the mattresses make your car a little dicey). Sure, they have salesmen, but they’ll leave you alone when you want, and answer questions with knowledge when you’re ready. Want to lie down on a mattress for 20 minutes? No problem! They also have the eco/organic stuff here, but don’t be fooled – they have plenty of regular stuff too.

    If you’re at all interested in a two sided mattress, B&M is the place to go. Other places will tell you 2 sided mattresses are deprecated, but this place sells mattresses that are not normally carried at others stores. For example, there was an Englander mattress that was apparently made just for the stores that carry double sided mattresses.

    I bought my Queen mattress there approximately 5 years ago and it is still just fine. Zero problems.

    Something that is worth looking into is to ask each store you visit what their restrictions/warranty are on bringing mattresses back. Most will require that you keep the mattress for 30 days (to let your body get used to it), but otherwise it’s a 60-90 day window for your changing your mind.



    We had no issues with the Sleep Country in Lynnwood. We got a Tempurpedic and four years later we still love it. Seriously, we dread going to hotels because we have to sleep on a spring mattress. You definitely have to break in one so the delivery guy told us to walk on the bed for a few nights to speed up the process. Also, the foam responds to heat so if you lay on one in a cold store you need to give your spot enough time to warm up. Otherwise, you’ll think it’s rock hard.

    We tried Sleep Number and I couldn’t figure out my number. I like just getting into bed and within a few minutes I’m in my foam cell that has conformed perfectly to me. However, my in-laws love their Sleep Number. They supposedly have a computer hooked up to a bed in the store that will determine your Sleep Number for you now.



    Got my son a set at Seattle Mattress. He liked that they were locally owned and made. Also they had one that was made of cotton and wool instead of “chemicals” as he called the others ones (foam, polyester etc.). Pleased his green little heart. He says that it is comfortable and I thought the service was great.



    As an added perk, you can get Seattle Mattress to custom make you something. However, if you don’t like it, there’s no taking it back, at least not without some kind of penalty. I can’t quite remember their policy on custom jobs.

    BTW, the mattress I ended up getting (from B&M) has pocketed coils. What that means is you can depress one coil without affecting its neighbor. This allows some bits of a human to press further into the mattress than other bits, making everything line up properly the way they should. For a Queen, I spent well under 1k.



    If you want the high end really luxurious but still local model try Soaring Heart. They are out of my budget but friends swear they are the best mattresses anywhere.



    I bought a king-sized bed at Ikea 13/14 years ago, still doing well. I make a point of flipping the mattress every so often, so maybe that has something to do with it.


    Allison W

    Seattle Mattress.



    Thanks, everyone (and bonus points to the long-winded and very helpful Phoo).

    I’m pretty sure my current mattress came from Seattle Mattress, though at the time they had a showroom in Sodo that I visited. I knew they were no longer on 24th, and hadn’t even noticed they are on 15th now (and I don’t even text when I drive!). I’ll be proud to own a(nother) “Made In Ballard” mattress.



    If you know what you want, you could also try overstock.com.
    I might go with them since I will buy another memory foam mattress but with the discount comes the pain of not being able to easily return & getting rid of your old one. However, I brought my current memory foam one at a disc place on 105th east if northgate. Mattress king? I was happy with them.



    I was also fine with the Sleep Country in Lynnwood (merged with Sleep Train since my last purchase years ago). For me, anything wider than a twin is too big to try to manhandle into/onto my wagon, so I like the fact that they deliver (to your bedroom!) and remove the old mattress.

    It seems like many stores run the classic “sale price” sales strategy, where “normal” prices are for suckers only, and the “real” prices are revealed periodically when they have half-off or free-bedsprings-with-mattress sales. I’ve noticed this with Sleep Country, Macy’s, and others. Even during the “sale” periods, it can’t hurt to try to get an extra discount, say 10% or 20% more off. If you give the salesperson an incentive, like telling them you’ll buy right then if they can get you a good enough price, they’ll often find some discount or other in their miscellaneous drawer.

    Since many of these places work on commission, it can help to make it clear to the salesperson that even if you come back later you’ll still deal with them.



    We’ve been really happy with Everrest on Elliott just south of the Magnolia Bridge. They make the mattresses in town, they last well, and they’re comfortable. No hard sales, just a room with several mattresses you can test out. We haven’t been in since they moved from their other location on 15th (no need to replace the mattresses!), though.



    +1 for Everrest. We are on our second from there. The first lasted over 10 years; I don’t really remember how long we had it. The prices are excellent. They have pillow-top and such, but what I appreciate is that they have a good, standard, non-pillow mattress. We find it very comfy. Our kids’ mattresses are from there, too, and going strong at about 10-14 years each.

    If I wanted a softer top I’d probably still buy the same mattress but get a memory foam topper. That way the mattress could still be flipped, as could the extra cushion.

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