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    No wonder why people pop some tags.

    We went to Ballard Goodwill for some vinyl and possibly patio furniture. The prices has skyrocketed! We found this awesome orange crushed couch to drool for, but they wanted a 150.00. Seriously… in real life?!?! I understand they want to help out their workers, but people are donating these things for free. I was talking to another gentleman and he pointed out a vibrating leather chair from the bad 80’s for 499.00! Has Goodwill decided to become mainstream namebrand? …. There goes the neighborhood.

    We stopped at the Port Angeles Goodwill and the prices were so much better.



    The place is packed with people buying every time I go, so I guess the market can support the prices. But I’m with you — spotted a small crockpot in fairly dirty condition for $14.99. Amazon sells new ones for that price.



    I needed a cast iron fry pan and checked at Goodwill. It didn’t have to be nice as it was going to be for bread baking. They had a small cheaply made one that still had tomato seeds stuck to it. Can’t they at least wipe these things down? Price was $14.99 – probably the same price new elsewhere. Yuck!

    Before she moved off to Vashon Miss Julie told me about the buynothing project. There is a Buynothing project Ballard facebook page. A few items have come out of my Goodwill box and been re-routed to neighbors in the last few weeks.



    Between the hipsters and their love of all things vintage or mid-century and the Macklemore fans who would have never thought about going into these places before thrift-shopping became trendy, the prices have gone up substantially.
    I’m all for these places making money but it has been an interesting social experiment to watch the clientele shift and the prices increase.



    They even have a shop on eBay for merchandise that can fetch top dollar.


    I used to stop in at Deseret Industries to thrift until I found out it was owned by the Mormons.



    Have noticed prices escalating but other day I got a deco style table lamp (with glass shade) that is ultra cool. $4.99. Noticed difference between Value Village and Goodwill in clothing – if brand new, still have tags on it, Value Village really bumps up price -whereas Goodwill got a brand new blouse with $69.00 tag on it for $7.99. I mainly buy books at Goodwill because their prices are good.
    But agree with you on the exaggerated prices – especially that $499. That is ridiculous.


    Allison W

    You can make offers on things that are overpriced at Ballard GW. I bought a credenza there just last week that was priced a bit too high.
    They accepted my offer. :)



    Also, you can note tag color and come back for a sale. Every weekend, it’s a different color at 50% off. On Monday, that color is $1.29 and there’s a line waiting for the store to open.

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