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    I was wondering if anyone has recently replaced a gas furnace and also installed a Heat Pump or a central AC unit as part of the system. I’m a bit stuck on the Heat Pump vs AC because a heat pump would be running a lot more of the time during the year than just an AC and therefore will have a shorter lifespan. I’m also concerned about the noise level which is 75 decibels. (The larger units have lower db but they are way too big and expensive for my small house.) Even though this unit would be outside, I don’t want the noise level to bother my neighbors or me for that matter, especially if it’s running a lot during most of the year. An AC unit would have the same noise level but would only be running on the hottest days in Summer. I’m also concerned about the electrical usage with a Heat Pump since that will go up but gas usage will go down since the furnace will be used less. (Electric seems expensive here but I’d need to compare therms to kwts.) I am planning to get equipment made by Trane if anyone has any particular good or bad experiences with that brand or certain models. I will be getting an 80-percent efficient furnace for a number of reasons. Thanks!



    I’m not fully up on the latest heating and cooling technology, but wouldn’t the heat pump *replace* your furnace completely? Check out the new water heaters with heat pumps built in as well — they can really cut your water heating bill. I think of Trane as a quality brand, but as I mentioned, I’m no expert.



    My folks had a heat pump and I was never aware of the noise, and they had a quiet house. The heat pump was outside (I think they all are), and I don’t recall noise out there either.

    They do run year ’round, but everything I’ve heard is they are all about energy savings and are an efficient way to go.

    I have heard they can be taxed in extreme weather. So they can’t keep a house warm on a really frigid day, and vice versa. Not sure if that is still true. My information is old.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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