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    I just upgraded our Comcast modem and also our old router and now we are getting these results on
    ping 16ms D/L 57.77 Mbps U/L 11.41 Mbps. I am happy now. We do pay for the Blast upgrade.

    Anyone care to compare speed? I am curious what other folks are getting.

    I have some friends here in Ballard on Century Link and I checked their connection:
    Ping 94ms D/L 2.01 Mbps U/L 1.40 Mbps – Huge difference.



    10ms 53.90Mbps 23.13 Mbps using Comcast




    Ping 46ms
    D/L 2.000 Mbps
    U/L 0.5 Mbps



    You younguns with your flashy fast internetz! My Earthlink (rebranded Comcast cable) is running at 9ms ping, 28Mbps down, 5.9Mbps up to the local CondoInternet speedtest server; I am using home WiFi-N (5G band) so I suppose the download speed might be affected by that.

    Annoyingly (and this is totally Earthlink’s fault, not Comcast’s), Earthlink swaps in their own custom DNS servers halfway around the country in place of the perfectly good Comcast ones, so there are lookup delay issues, and recently I was actually getting a lot of DNS lookup timeouts! Earthlink does this so they can earn extra ad money by redirecting you to an ad page when you enter a common misspelling of a web address.


    Little Lou Lou



    Smells Fishy

    My babe rewired the house and ran her own superwire up to a rocket panel in the rafter above her herbology den. Now we are plugged in all rooms at DL 36.72 and UL 12.4



    My speed with Blast was:
    59.9 Mb/s DL
    11.75 Mb/s UL

    I downgraded back to reg and now get:
    Ping 8 ms
    28.73 Mb/s DL
    6.10 Mb/s UL
    Ping 12ms
    27.98 Mb/s DL
    5.68 Mb/s UL



    ping 22
    D/L 15.07
    U/L 2.54
    Comcast basic cable



    Comcast with blast on our wifi using a Surface:

    Dl 19.48
    Ul 11.64
    Ping 10

    Using an ipad:

    Dl 0.37
    Ul 11.44
    Ping 90



    Mine, with Centurylink
    pathetic! ashamed to post the truth!



    Comcast…I get 26 DL, 6 ul. I’m not paying for the high high speed, otherwise I expect I would be right around your speeds.



    centurylink dsl

    download 6.12 mbps
    Upload .72 mbps

    and pay for 15mbps …

    location location location … I’m right around NW 57th + 24th, just in that old dead zone, where it’s not good, between the new Ballard 5+ story condo with retail and then the older buildings.

    Good enough to area to pay for it, just not worthy of actually bothering to update a line to your building, though the pole at the end of the driveway looks like 5 techno-squirrels built nests on it the past few years…



    Centurylink VDSL, I pay for 7 down, 5 up
    I’m getting over 9 down and roughly 4.25 up

    Cable may sometimes slow down when everyone comes home from work. DSL can do this too, depending on the equipment, but I have never experienced it. I don’t game online, so it has never been too slow for me.



    Comcast internet only, no blast

    Ping 11 ms
    DL 25.04
    UL 12.36

    I’ll have to try it out at my businesses too. One has CenturyLink and the other has Clearwire

    Hey Mondoman, I’m not a tech expert at any stretch, but your DNS problem reminded me of an issue at one of my businesses with timeouts. When Andy was alive, he converted it over to use Google Public DNS and the problems went away. He liked to set each device to use it no matter what the ISP handed out. Here are the numbers he had in his notebook:
    Google Public DNS and
    OpenDNS and



    plasticbags – have you changed your modem out since last fall? If not then you should and get an Arris 822 DOCS3 modem with telephony (if you have Xfinity phone). BTW we pay $10 for Blast and $7 for the phone.
    If you have upgraded your modem and your are getting the speeds that you posted then something is wrong, you are just up the street from me and you should be getting 50 Mbps with Blast, that is what you are paying for.



    Regardless of speed, I would like to find out why my bundled Comcast charges are so high. Because Comcast certainly can’t give me a good answer.



    Modem is Technicolor TC8305C. I tested the number on my imac which is also on the wireless network and it’s: dl 53.20, ul 11.37, ping 10. I have no idea why the DL on the ipad would be so low, but it usually has a pretty choppy connection.

    We got this modem/router combo last year because we were having choppy connections on all of our devices. Not two weeks later I kept getting voice mails from Comcast’s automated service that our modem was out of date and to upgrade it. I ignored it because I figured their signals got crossed somehow.

    Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder how many hours of my life have been lost to being on the phone with Comcast. But in this case I think the issue is my ipad and not them.



    Here’s my CLink (or should that be CLunk?) business numbers:

    ping: 74 ms
    DL: 1.33
    UL: 0.39

    Here’s my Clearwire business numbers:

    ping: 90 ms
    DL: 3.30
    UL: 0.77

    Those speeds are pathetic, especially the CLink speeds. Even uploading the weekly delta for business records is a go have a coffee type of thing.

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