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    Can’t express enough my appreciation for whoever got SDOT and King County Metro to fix that idiotic free right swing onto 100th place from northbound 8th. There used to be no safe way to walk to and from the Hillbilly QFC from west of 8th. It’s been under construction a loooong time and it was very nice to see all the plantings in place today when I walked down there. It also means the D line will work right now.

    I would post a picture, but it only accepts a URL.



    Hah! I was just thinking about how completely totally unfair it was of SDOT to single ME out and slightly slow my journey north the few days a week I drive there. I could just zoom up the Number 8 Speedway (as we cognoscenti call it) from the light at 85th, peel around the free, no-stop corner and drive past the suckers and their “D” line, and if I was lucky, hit a green and turn onto 3rd to keep heading for the free northland. Now, there’s a Stop sign smack dab in the middle of my journey!

    Yours in jest,



    The changes were a collaboration between Crown Hill Neighbors, Crown Hill Business Association, Ballard District Council, with a little help from NW District Council. I’m sure there were a few others that I’ve missed in this, and I apologize for that. Bridging the Gap, some parks funding (open space), and D-Line funds were put together for this project.


    Bean Dogger

    This explains the speed bumps on 3rd, people like you speeding through school zones.



    And beginning in a few weeks, the D will no longer turn right at 85th, then left up 8th. It will continue north on 15th past 85th.



    about time the D line went where it was supposed to!! now I can get out to qfc easier.



    Trying to post a link to a picture on the Crown Hill Neighbor facebook page:

    8th and 100th looking up 100th place

    OK that worked! The intersection always seems really busy, and it’s way easier now to cross on foot.


    Allison W

    Oh, they’re done with that. Hooray!!!



    I am really happy with the reconfigured intersection, it seems safer now.

    (Nobody slows for those speedbumps on 3rd, do they?)

    Now they should redo the intersection at 15th and Holman, getting rid of that goofy, and unsafe crossing from G Outlet to the fire station.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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