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    Are there others that think the new Nordic Heritage Museum is an awful piece of architecture? Compare the museum with what it might have been, perhaps something inspired from a stave church;

    Instead we get “Shipping Container”. But you should see the architects PR line about this, it is unbelievable, “..invoking fiords and glaciers…”. Right.

    After being a Museum member for years and years, I will not renew, as it seems I have been giving my money to folks who appear have no artistic taste and to be total dupes. Please tear it down now, and build something more lovable. A big blank walled box, how absurd…agh. Prisons look better.



    I bet the inside will look amazing, but the outside wall facing Market street — where everyone sees it — is certainly plain and shipping-container-esque.


    Perhaps the inside will be better, but the released drawings show the inside as big blank flat white walls. Wall board?…Couldn’t use that natural wood, like the inside of a real Nordic abode? Would naturally weathered rough-cut lumber cost a whole lot more than sheet-rock? Which would have looked better?



    why so bitter “eric the peaceful gardener”

    Maybe you should have offered them your architectural skills.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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