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    I often walk on 20th Ave NW and enjoy seeing the old tiled street signs, so I liked this article:


    I went on a Ballard historical walk last month, and the guide gave me a map with all the original street names in it. All the streets running E-W north of NW 65th had boat names: Brig, Schooner, etc. You can still see this with Sloop & Canoe at Salmon Bay Park, although those streets were actually originally S and N Park Place; NW 70th was Sloop and NW 73rd was Canoe.

    I was initially confused to find that the city limit at NW 85th was named Corvette, but Google tells me that is also a type of ship.



    Here’s a list of all the street names when Ballard was annexed in 1907 and what they are now.

    Old Ballard Street Names, Searchable Table



    Yes, a number of the old (1970s-era?) tile historical street names set in the sidewalk remain along 20th Ave NW north of Market St (as well as other places). I believe a number were restored in the 2000s.



    Donarb – I just love this website. Thanks for posting.



    So cool! I found an old subdivision map (maybe it was through the library historical archive website?) that showed my neighborhood as it was first sold to land buyers in about 1900. All the streets have names. None of those aspirational names stuck. They are just numbered now, except Baker Ave. The area is right where Fremont, Phinney and Ross Station meet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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