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    I’m in need of a plumber for a gas tankless hot water heater. There was an earlier thread about many different types and locations, but I didn’t see company names there. Does anyone here have a recommendation for a plumber to use?

    Separately from that, any wisdom on brands/models you liked or didn’t like and why?

    Muchas gracias!



    I use Todd O’Brien. (206) 284-3240


    Sunset Hill Irish

    Boatgeek — We had a Navien gas tankless installed a few years back by Quality Plumbing. In doing all the research about which brands of tankless I narrowed them to the Rinnai and the Navien and Quality Plumbing reps the Navien. We have been vey pleased with its performance since installation, have noticed the huge decrease in our gas bill and have even seen a small decrease in water use!



    I was somewhat spooked by the bad reviews of the Navien units online. Have you had any issues?



    I’ll chime in on the Navien. I have had mine for 4 years or so and have had no issues. It did throw an error code the other day for “blocked intake” which means “clean the air filter”. You just rinse it off, dry it and put it back. In 4 years that has been the only issue. Now I’ve added an annual reminder to clean the filter. There is also a filter on the bottom at the water intake which should also be cleaned.

    Again, simple maintenance and it’s been a champ. The re-circulation scheduling is awesome. Instant hot water every morning I take a shower.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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