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    Wouldn’t it be amazing if Ballard could entice the city to provide a police “neighborhood response team” like downtown? It says the squad of 6 officers and a sergeant is “focusing on so-called “street disorder” crimes, such as shoplifting, public urination, defecation and drug use.” I would so love to see some regular beat cops doing regular rounds in our neighborhood — recognizable faces we could rely on to enforce safety and decrease chronic law-breaking. (http://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2015/02/25/neighborhood-response-team-tackles-low-level-crime-downtown/)

    It’s confusing raising kids (mine are now tweens) in a community that regularly allows public drinking/drugs, stolen shopping carts, and piles of camping trash (hello 46th st by the postal annex!!).

    Say what you want about proposed homeless-support services or public restrooms or car camping; I understand that as a community we have members who fall on different ends of the spectrum in their support/tolerance/disdain of these. But it’s hard to fathom that we can’t all agree it’s important to decrease incidents of repeated trash dumping, stolen goods (yes, that includes shopping carts), public defecation, public intoxication, and drug dealing.

    With our oh-so-quick-and-wild population increase these last few years, Ballard deserves some basic focus/funds for public safety.



    Maybe Ballard will get that – when everyone but the yuppies and high end businesses are gone.

    I’m not sure whether shoplifting is “street disorder,” but I would certainly count package theft under that heading.

    My real bone to pick are the abysmal response times from the north precinct.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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