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    I bet if they got paid by house like the paperboy that the ending would be different.


    Rondi Susort

    I was told by an OSHA supervisor at the Post Office that they do not want to continue delivering mail to mail boxes on front porches — like mine that goes into my house. They are finding lots of reasons to stop the mail at houses like mine, not just dogs. They would like me to put a mail box attached to the stair railing. The supervisor told me that too many mail carriers get hurt on stairs. In my situation, the substitute carrier said the substitute slipped on the porch so they immediately stopped delivering the mail. No notice that I had any time at all to clean up the porch — it was stopped. There were never any complaints by the regular carrier — just the substitute and one time only. I cleaned off the porch and had a bit of a battle on my hands to reinstitute delivery to the porch especially after being told they don’t want the carriers going up stairs at all.



    The Postal Service delivers the last mile, almost: Changing modes of delivery

    looks like it may just all be an excuse to force curbside rather than door delivery. Apparently th PO wants to stop door delivery but cannot compel people to move their boxes. I guess a flimsy excuse gives them the power



    We had a similar problem several years ago – we were with our neighbors in THEIR front yard and he saw our dog playing with the neighbor kids. Although we saw the mailman down the street, we received no mail that day. Or the next. Or the next. We then received a letter saying that we would no longer receive mail at home. We went to the P.O. and were told that home delivery is a privilege/convenience, not a right, and that the only obligations the USPS has is to deliver mail to the P.O. itself (not your home). Long story short, we had to sign an agreement that our dog would never be off-leash between the hours of like 8:30 and 5:00 PM. Eventually we got a new mail person and everything was fine.

    So I feel your pain. If you have a mail carrier that has been bitten – as we did a couple of years ago later and who was off work for several weeks to recover – it’s not surprising that he/she would be extra skittish, although that still shouldn’t be a basis for unfair treatment based on irrational fears (like the one above).

    Good luck.



    Seriously – tongue coming through fence. What “death by tongue”? This is so ridiculous. We go through mail carriers all the time because they don’t like walking the surrounding hills. And not uncommon to get the wrong mail.


    great idea

    I’m not completely sure, but I believe UPS and Fed-Ex drivers are trained to kick dogs out of the way to ensure the package makes its way to the porch.

    the new Amazon drones will actually have a small reservoir of ‘bitter apple’ to spray in the general vicinity of parcel-drops to keep any hungry hounds at bay.



    As someone who has been bitten, it does change you somehow. I’m really not scared of dogs and wasn’t before but if a dog runs toward me or I hear dog tags from behind me, I feel panic. It’s not logical and I realize that it’s my problem but I also get where USPS is coming from. I am sure their insurance is high due the potential of dog bites (which is probably why they are so strict) and I am also sure the carriers have an agreement because they don’t want to be in an unsafe situation.

    As far as the whole “but my dog is nice” or “my dog is cute” or “death by licking” thing, I have also found some dog owners to be completely oblivious. THEY think that and don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see it. For me it doesn’t matter if it’s a little dog, completely friendly lab, whatever….I see that dog out of the corner of my eye and especially if that dog isn’t restrained, it’s not a comfortable feeling.



    …we received no mail that day. Or the next. Or the next. We then received a letter saying that we would no longer receive mail at home.

    So the carrier wouldn’t deliver your regular mail for multiple days due to the dog “threat”, but then somehow they gained the courage to deliver the letter stating that they couldn’t deliver your mail?

    That’s funny in a Catch-22 kind of way.



    … but I bet you feel reassured and pretty much normal once you realize the dog you noticed is behind a gate. All your points are good ones, Teigyr, yet it is completely unreasonable that USPS will not allow delivery to resume once the mailbox is relocated outside the gated yard.




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    “To clarify, the mailbox is by the front door, so the mailman needs to enter the gated front yard to deliver. ”

    So this is the problem. Move it.

    “that unless we make alternative arrangements within ten days all mail will be returned to sender.”

    Just do as they ask, why complain so?

    Why does the PO need to deal with “your” problem

    you dog got out twice, thats on you. simple.


    Clint Sundquist

    I am going to introduce myself in the way you have done.
    Future blase



    I had a carrier delivering to my store for a while who had that same attitude. Might be the same guy.



    Maybe you should put your mailbox outside your fence ! Some people have a phobia of dogs and dog can tell and even nice dogs can snarl at them ! I have seen so called nice dogs go after people with phobias including small children and that’s why a lot of people are afraid of dogs sorry to say !



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