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    I just saw this posted on Reddit (Seattle) and had to share with all the post we have about street parking in Ballard:)

    Seattle, this passive aggressiveness is really getting out of hand.



    Check out the comments. Passive-aggressiveness and scoldiness abound.

    When you visit your friends in Suburbia with your ghetto car. from Seattle




    Reddit (Seattle) It is my new favorite forum. I reminds me a little of the good old days here when this place was active. I also noticed they have a Reddit (Ballard) but there isn’t much activity on there.


    Avocado Head

    After parking in Hillbilly land, I got yelled at by the owner of the house we were in front of. (Complete with a she-mullet and unlit cigarette dangling from leathery lips) It was a house that was for sale. That we were viewing with our real estate agent. Wouldn’t have made an offer even if it wasn’t a piece of crap.

    People in this town are bizarre.




    Avacado… Burbs scare me with there strip mall mentality. Prefer to bypass them and prefer city and country or Islands



    I’ve left (signed) notes on cars straddling both spaces in front of my house asking them to leave one for somone else. I’ve never said they can’t park there (since they of course can). And when I’ve caught folks in the act, I’ve spoken to them directly. They are usually self absorbed, but once it’s pointed out are willing to share.



    Seattleites LOVE scoldy notes. :)



    I had a crazy note obsessed roommate freshman year of college. I learned early on not to read the notes and to simply dispose of them unread. I have had a note left on my car once in 25 years in Seattle and the recycle container was right next to my car. I wonder what it said:)

    Why oh why are people spending any emotional energy on parking? These notes are a crack up!


    great idea

    “I wonder what it said:)”

    what if it said “your back right tire is really low” or “here’s the license plate number of the car that dinged your passenger door”?



    The funniest comment on that Reddit thread was one that said he used to have a landlord who left notes on the front door, which the commenter would just leave there, so the next note the landlord left said “Remove notes after reading.”



    That cracked me up too, Sunflower!

    Marigold, your roommate must have been delightful to live with.

    There was someone like that in a co-op we used to live in on lower Queen Anne. She’d lived there 50 years – seriously – and took her role on the co-op board VERRRRY seriously. She’d leave scoldy notes all over the building, and every night just after 10, like clockwork, we’d hear her creak by our door on her nightly hallway patrols. Her name was Vi. We called her Vi the Spy.



    Naturally there will be some overlap between people who aren’t considerate in their parking with people who don’t give a rat’s arse what other people have to say to them.

    But, setting aside extreme examples like Vi (who had ample opportunity to communicate more directly, which is always preferable), I fail to see people’s resistance to communcation in whatever way possible. I like to hope it’s not just control issues (eg “I’m going to park however I like, screw everyone else and I can’t hear you”). I do find that often the people protesting loudest about others being controlling are they, themselves attempting to control the situation. That irony is usually lost on them, alas.

    Me? I speak my mind so that me and my neighbors all have a chance to park. And I always sign my notes, so that if I’M the one missing the point, I can be set straight. That’s is, when I’ve had to leave a note. It’s been years. We’ve got a considerate block, bless it.



    I detest a lack of consideration and scoldiness about equally, GAM, and Seattle just seems more full of hall monitor types than any other place I’ve lived. I don’t recall this type of thing happening when I lived in other, bigger cities, where I encountered jackassery on a pretty regular basis. People just shrugged or ignored, versus getting their panties in a twist. But those were places that were harder to live in than Seattle; my theory is that in the absence of really serious things to be worried about (like, say, murders or rampant property crime), people will preoccupy themselves with petty bullshit. It’s human nature.

    That said, I understand the urge sometimes to just tell people off because they’re acting inconsiderate jackasses. I feel that way too sometimes.

    As for the person straddling two spots in front of your house, are you sure they didn’t park like that because they were parking between two vehicles that maybe weren’t there by the time you came along? At any rate, you might want to print out some notices from this site and keep them handy (I’ve been tempted to):



    I don’t leave notes to tell people off, or to scold. I’ve left requests.

    Phrases like “panties in a twist” overstate things, and are more inflamatory than any of my notes. I’ll allow that other note writers may be more reactionary.

    Are we fortunate enough to not have bigger problems to deal with? Perhaps. Though that’s irrelevant, I think. Nice, but irrelevant.

    If someone can’t share with others, I just don’t see the problem with asking them to do so. Generally the ones who object are the ones that aren’t so strong in the sharing department in the first place. They may go on about nanny states and the like as a deflective defensive response. That’s fine, since they also usually park better going forward.

    There’s only room for four cars between the driveways so it’s pretty hard to be forced into straddling two spots in front of my house. But it’s the repeat offenders I would ask to knock it off. Not the one-offs.



    GAM, your response isn’t doing much to counteract my point about uptight, hall monitor Seattleites. A sense of humor might do you well.

    (Pssst – lighten up.)



    Ah, CR, my point exactly.



    When I lived on Portage Bay, opening day was always a problem with folks mooring on private docks and rafting onto other boats, I was on my dock when a power boat came by and tied to a pillar under 520 – I told her she should not moor there, but she said some thing like ” I can tie to any F….ing place I wish!” I said “ok” next day she was on shore screaming that someone stole her boat, until it was point out to her that in sunk, because she was directly under the scupper (drain) under the bridge – it had rained hard that night.

    Sometime it does pay to communicate, and not just be Right.



    Glad you agree, GAM. ;)

    Richy, yikes! It’s one thing to park a car improperly, but you REALLY don’t want to park your boat in the wrong place. And rafting onto a boat at a private dock without permission?!? That is beyond poor boating etiquette.

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