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    Two young, well-dressed gentlemen knocked on my door this afternoon offering a “daily promotional special” for carpet and furniture cleaning etc all at quote “no charge” with a preview of some sort of “home care system”. they were promptly told no thank you, not interested, and continued to push heavily by listing off any number of other things they would be willing to clean. Including the windows. Needless to say the door was shut in their faces.

    If they are actual salespeople, they are the pushy scammer sort who try to find any way they can to talk their way into your home (and then are impossible to get rid of) and demonstrate their low quality equipment to get you to buy it, and subsequently do even lower quality work. The worst case scenario is that they are casing the neighborhood to see who is home, either way they are up to no good as far as I see it.



    I think one of their crew visited me yesterday as well. It was a woman who seemed a little surprised when I opened the door and stumbled over her words. She tried to befriend my dog until I finally got her to state the reason she rang my doorbell. The line she stammered out was that she was selling carpet cleaning. This while peering into my home, which clearly has no carpets. She carried nothing with her except some sort of flyer which she waved around as if that was proof that she was legitimate. She didn’t even have a pen to write anything down if I were to want an appointment. Either an extremely bad salesperson, or else someone checking to see which houses have people home during the day.


    Smells Fishy


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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