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    Weren’t puffy jackets the miracle technology of the 1970s? I have hazy memories of kids starting to wear them then, competing on how many used lift ticket stickers they had dangling from their zippers.


    Jimmy Rustler

    I’m not sure I am ready to go full-puff just yet. I am considering a puffy vest to help me make the transition from sans-puff to full-puff.


    Nora Bell

    Born in Seattle, never wore a puffy jacket. I’m puffy enough, thank you. I’m still rockin’ the hoodie, though.


    Avocado Head

    The wife scored me a vintage puffer for 2 bucks at a yard sale. It still hasn’t been cold enough to wear it though.




    I own a number of ski coats. I wear them…skiing. I also own a few down jackets. I use them while hiking. It’s like people who own 4x4s who never leave the pavement, or the city, for that matter. Whoever posted about wearing down jackets in the rain is 100% correct; once wet, it’s like wearing shredded kleenex between soggy layers of nylon. Neither warm nor windproof.

    Actually, I find it mildly humorous that it is becoming much more difficult to tell the hipsters from the homeless in Ballard these days. Typically, the hipsters have better hair and smaller backpacks.


    Sunset Hill Irish

    This thread sent coffee out my nose (sorry, too early for tequila, grog, aquavit or potcheen). I have a new-to-us Jack Russell Terrier mix who is leash reactive and gets especially riled when seeing wearers of the dreaded puffy jackets. It’s clear I was so wrong about the ‘Oh, well. She probably had a bad experience with someone in a puffy jacket!’ theory. She evidently has the uff da spirit and excellent fashion sense. For the record, she has no reaction to polar fleece, foul weather gear, or thick wool shirts used as jackets. Who knew we had the anti-hipster dog?



    After 5 years here, I finally bought my first rain jacket. You can thank me for all of these fabulous, sunny days. It’s not puffy but it makes a wonderful rustling noise when I walk.



    Still in Vegas…
    (with a facetious tone…)
    “Puffy jackets? What’s a jacket?”



    Not being an outdoorsy type, I just got my first puffy jacket about five years ago and now can’t imagine not having one. It’s lightweight, warm and fits under my raincoat (which I finally bought after living in Seattle for a decade and never having a waterproof jacket).

    I think Patagucci is, as the name implies, wildly overpriced. I like OR better.



    Don’t own one, though do have a parka, it’s just never gotten cold enough to wear.



    I think “Puffy Jackets” would be a good title/subject for a Macklemore song. A good follow up to “Thrift Shop.”



    Plus, he could rhyme “puff” with “buff” and “nuff” – it is a natural!

Viewing 12 posts - 26 through 37 (of 37 total)

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