Purse thief on bike path near Fred Meyer?

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    Tim Flanagan

    To be clear: I saw no actual crime occur!

    However, if this is your bag, and you didn’t leave it on the train tracks along the bike trail between 41st and 42nd, you can find it there. I hung it up on the fence to make it easier to spot.

    I also took some video of the bicycle guy rummaging through this bag and consolidating the contents into another bag before taking off and hailing a van that seemed disinterested in meeting up with him, perhaps due to my presence nearby pointing my cell phone camera their way. Did NOT get a plate on the van, unfortunately.

    Again…no crime observed. Just odd behavior that is difficult to explain UNLESS there was a crime. I won’t make the video available unless police or an actual victim asks to see it.



    It wouldn’t hurt to call non-emergency 625-5011 and tell them what you saw and about the purse. Have you called them??



    Tim – I rode past a pile of stuff on the trail near FM on Thursday and that bag in the photo was one of more than three bags in the pile. I think someone dumped their trash on the trail rather than this being a theft. I have noticed in the last few weeks more and more piles of clothes, shes and assorted belongings along this section of the trail I don’t know if there is a connection but there are a group of people camped just east of 3rd/36th, they have a huge pile of stuff there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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