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    While working in my back yard today on this glorious, scary, warm Spring day I discovered some “scat”! Two firm turds about the size that a medium to large dog would produce. Now our complete lot is enclosed by six foot cedar fencing including a locking front gate, so I was a little surprised to find any droppings especially since my beloved Oscar died over a year ago and this was fresh! So my first thought was that there was a hole in the enclosure! But no, there was no hole. Then I thought .. Coyote but on further investigation I find that it was raccoon feces!
    WARNING.. Raccoon feces can contain roundworm, giardia! Got me washing my hands all day even though I was wearing gloves and using a plastic back to pick it up!
    Be aware that all that, so called, dog poop might not be from dogs!


    Allison W

    Raccoons are real bastards. I’m not afraid to say that.They kill cats and can make a real mess of things.



    Outdoor cats are real bastards. They kill millions of songbirds, baby squirrels, and other wildlife every year. I prefer the raccoons.



    I am not fan of raccoons. One time had whole family living in large cedar tree next door and found they were using my fence to go back and forth. With neighbor’s permission I put baggies with moth balls in them (I punctured the bags). I hung the baggies in the tree. Then on my fence I put torn up toweling soaked in ammonia. Looked weird and not the greatest smell initially but they moved on. Have not seen a raccoon around here since. Opposums yes. Found my cat about month ago staring down what I thought was large gray cat. I grabbed my cat (she doesn’t quite weigh 5# and didn’t want her hurt. Opposum looked up at me, slowly turned and went into bushes. Haven’t seen or heard it since. Man, they are u g l y!


    I don’t hate raccoons, but I don’t like them either. They are cute, but they can get on my nerves sometimes. I work at the edubirdie company, and outside of my window there are always some raccoons running around.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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