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    Oh yeah, I’ll look for my previous comment to show up on 2.3 at noon.

    Well, you pretty much nailed it, before I logged on, about 10 min ago, Miss Wahoo’s post was the most recent, after logging on (took a couple minutes, like Miss W, I didn’t pay attention) there were 9 more posts. Weird.

    Anyway, the forum is dead and it won’t be coming back unless someone else takes over, or someone starts a true micro-news site (like West Seattle Blog, or Capitol Hill Blog) where there is real reporting, and something interesting to read every day to keep people coming back to the site. Publishing press releases and guest columns about selling houses written by real estate agents doesn’t cut it anymore.

    It’s a shame, because Ballard obviously could support (do I dare say deserves) a better local news site.

    Edited to add, look for me on reddit GI, and anyone else, I go by the same handle.



    The technical issues that plague this forum are what has killed it. The weeks long outage was the death blow I think. Also inability to login, servers down, and weird things like pre-populating tags…for instance, on this reply in the “Tags” box below are ‘space time continum (sic)’ and ‘time machine’. I didn’t put those there, but they’ll probably be attached to this forum post.

    I joined this forum a few weeks after its inception. My user id was ’20’…those were the days of seeing dozens of new posts and discussions that were seconds old. Now the latest replies are from days or even weeks ago. I’ll still check in from time to time, but largely this forum has been left unkempt way too long to survive.



    I think the tags are on the whole thread and anybody can add to them if they want.

    Wonder what happens to them if you delete them? Trying that now.

    Great Idea mentioned a few posts back that was where a lot of people have gone. That’s a little too restrictive in visibility and the discussions mostly center around whining about crime and NIMBY anti-development threads. There are some other threads that are OK, but they really need to amp up the other threads.



    The Goofy story just showed up on the front page – that is truly disturbing – plus someone used my “handle” to comment! Hey – get your own name – there’s only room for one Crownhiller in this here joint ;)

    As to the forum – I to think the downtime a while back and the issues this site now has are detrimental. But here we are here talking again, so maybe it’s partly us too?



    Well folks, be proud, we’re the party closers. When the conversation and oncoming sobriety is at its best.



    I noticed that Phinneywood hasn’t had a forum at all for must be almost a year now. This one used to run on BBPress (according to a friend) and the GS moved it over to something else when that started to fail.

    Oh well.


    Little Lou Lou




    Will keep loggin’ in from time to time just to leave an encouraging message, my email somehow got blocked off until I hit the first button, that little gray envelope, that is, and re- entered it on the MyBallard FB page, I believe, then was able to log in. Glad of that, gotta keep in touch…
    Hope the GS are still involved, they seemed like such a sweet family, always nice to everyone, even the snarkiest of trolls. Traded thoughts with so many real good people over the years, will hope that continues, will definitely let anyone know if & when I come up again, everybody keep happy, beats hell out of any other thought…



    Well, we may be dying, but we still attracted a troll.

    I am not experiencing long log-in times, but you are right – from submit to appearance is pretty darned slow.



    My login only took a minute or so. Not devastating, but sub-for sure. It will take a day or more to see new messages. The time since the last post won’t even update for me. For a while I could “force refresh”, but even that no longer works.

    I, too, wish there was another alternative. sounds too micro to be of much interest. I get my micro news the old fashioned way: by talking to my neighbors. Positively retro, I know.

    We need “”

    It does seem the party’s over though. That can only mean one thing: it’s time for someone to get the last word.

    “It wasn’t your cat”



    My logins weren’t taking long, but last time it definitely took longer than a minute.

    Something I’ve noticed is that I am *still* logged in from this morning when the site used to kick me out within hours. Not sure how many, but I know if I logged on in the afternoon, I’d have to relog in the evening.

    GAM: I force refresh, but to no avail. For awhile I even tried opening and closing the browser to see if that had an effect. At first it seemed to, but once after doing a complete reboot, the time of posts still wasn’t updated. The main screen would say X last posted 7 minutes ago, but opening the thread you’d see that “7 minutes ago” was in reality 6++ hours.

    With the wacky behaviour we’re seeing and knowing that people have been tinkering with the code, I have to wonder if shit is just broken and the only thing fixing it at this point is either a sane coder and a lot of time, or just wiping and reinstalling. However, I doubt it matters. This board is on life support. But just like the end of a party, sometimes the company is best.

    “Yuh huh!”



    I don’t know GAM. Granted we were getting the info from WB, but it didn’t seem like the owners were mature enough to give the cat a proper home. If they really did tell her that they were going out of town for July 4th and the cat should just be put over the fence and left there… That doesn’t seem much like a caring owner.

    Anyway, I do wonder what ever happened to old Shovelface. WB not so much.



    This is interesting – when I posted that message I then went to the Forums page, where you click on open forum, classified forum, etc. It showed that I had just posted a message. But then when you click on Open Forum, it does not show. Some sort of disconnect between the pages. I don’t know that the means – maybe Phoo does – but it is interesting.



    ok– i just submitted something to another thread while in chrome…and it still hasn’t shown up in chrome even after closing/clearing the browser.

    but in firefox -it’s there, posted just fine…appeared in FF w/o delay of submitting.



    Maybe it’s an aberration? I post with FF. Sometimes it shows up in “open forum” as me as the last poster right away, but when I click the thread, it’s not there. Sometimes it doesn’t show me as the last poster at all.



    There be weird things happening here. You see different posts to threads if you’re signed in than if not. It’s like a time warp between posting and when it shows up.

    At least since this afternoon’s outage, very little delay to sign in.



    Maybe the forum needs an Exorcism



    It took me 2 minutes to log in today. Better than last time, not as good as times before that.

    I definitely agree with an exorcism. Who wants to dress as the pope and who wants to be the stand in for the board? Come on, who doesn’t want a good pea soup puking?


    great idea

    “That’s a little too restrictive in visibility and the discussions mostly center around whining about crime and NIMBY anti-development threads.”

    you’ve perfectly described NextDoor Shelley!

    seems like every development elicits a huge outcry that change must be bad.

    there’s a post this morning about charging ‘developers’ a steep demolition fee (50k +) so that current housing stock remains intact.
    I can see the motivation, but honestly I can’t imagine the outcome to be anything desirable.
    properties would sit around and fester until they were condemned when the demo fee would be waived.
    wouldn’t that be great to have a bunch of derelict, rat-infested houses in our neighborhoods?



    I seriously hate vertical housing. I do wish it was at least tougher/more expensive to build. I also think buildings should have adequate parking. I realize density is going to increase, but 900sqft condos with 2 flights of stairs (1 just to get to the living room) are just stupid IMHO.



    so according to forum menu Edog posted 10 minutes ago & yet I can’t view it yet as of 10:49am

    wonder what time it will show or what time this will for that matter



    From the Simpsons the Day the Violence Died

    “Hey, great, listen, write it down and mail it to last week, when I might’ve cared.”



    Wow… are we fixed? Today when I posted it showed up. Now the times both outside and inside the thread match. Nice.


    Monorail Driver

    Just a test to see how long this takes to post.


    Monorail Driver

    Wow. Immediately.

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