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    Hi everyone, a shameless promotion follows:

    I wrote an Android app to help organize things I was waiting for at the library. I originally wrote it for an Android class I was taking, but I found it rather useful so I published it on the Google Play Store. It’s best feature is that it estimates how long you should have to wait for items on hold. So if I know I might have to wait 90 days for a book, I might read another in the meantime.

    Anyway, since it only works with the Seattle library, I thought this forum might be a good place to mention it.

    It’s called “One Book Away”, and it’s free. I designed it to look like an old library checkout card.

    I’d appreciate any feedback!


    Allison W

    I was able to DL it via the link, but not by searching for it on my phone in the Play store.



    Yes, I’ve noticed it doesn’t come up in the store’s search unless you surround the name with quotes (i.e. “One Book Away”). At first I chalked it up to the app being new, but now I’m starting to suspect there are too many apps with the word “book” in them.

    However, I noticed if you search for “Seattle library”, my app comes up like 7th. Not too shabby considering the library’s own app doesn’t even come up 1st in that search.

    Anyway, thanks for looking!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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