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    What do you think? Something that would work here? I thought it was pretty innovative – that’s San Fran for you, right?



    If they could put a washer/dryer in there as well and a toilet it would solve the whole problem of where to locate the Urban Rest Stops.


    Smells Fishy

    No toilets required since that’s what the honey bucket is for. That will stop all the lowlifes from using it just for drug deals. The other day we sat there for a while and watched the same guy go in with 6 different others. They enter and exit separately. WTF are the cops for stuff like this?

    Washer/dryer combo would be good on a tour bus. By the time the tour of homeless encampments is done, your laundry is done.


    great idea

    if you guys watched the five minute video at the link posted above, you would see that there are toilets already there.

    the bus has two bathroom units, which are a single room with shower, sink and toilet (all open so it can be hosed-off easily).

    a laundry would be nice, but you’re only allowed 20 minutes for the shower.
    maybe if they used those super-fast drying machines like you see outside of pools sometimes for your trunks.



    I can imagine you’d want clean clothes after a shower and use of bus toilets. Curious how they’ll deal with that on the bus.

    Good to know about that HoneyBucket. I will never set foot in there!! Call the non-emergency line if you happen to be sitting there for a while viewing that. Maybe they won’t care…who knows. Wonder what would happen if we got a see-through loo??

    Seattle Police Non-emergency: 206-625-5011



    How about the city put a homeless shelter/rest stop in Magnolia Village so some of the derelicts in Ballad leave for greener pasture.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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